Week #2: Aug. 19th – 23rd

Coffee Meeting for EY3 Parents

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Spirit Day this Friday
Please have your children come to school in their House Shirts this Friday 23rd August for Spirit Day.
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Library folders are due every Friday
Please return all library folders on Friday morning.

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Students’ Personal Items
“Label, label, label…” We cannot emphasize this enough.
Everything that belongs to your child (including swimming supplies) needs to be labeled with his/her name, whether it be written in permanent marker, stitched/embroidered, or a personalized name tag.

Splash SwimmingStudents should bring their swimming supplies (towel, goggles, swim cap, underwear) in a separate bag, preferably something plastic/waterproof to put their wet stuff into afterwards.
A student’s towel should be large enough to dry off completely and wrap around his/her body.

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Kids A-Z Reading
We are currently assessing students’ reading levels. Kids A-ZOnce that is done, you will receive your child’s personal Kids A-Z login information. Stay tuned…

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An important note about birthdays…

NoNutsRegarding birthday celebrations, if you are bringing in treats for your child to share with his/her classmates, please ensure that they contain NO NUTS or nut oils.

Birthdays are celebrated in the cafeteria during our second snack break. Please let us know at least one day beforehand if you wish for your child to celebrate his/her birthday at school.

Birthday treats are easily distributed when they are pre-cut and ready to share.
Birthday TreatsSome birthday treats like doughnuts, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, pizza, fruit etc. are very easy to distribute and are usually an appropriate size for small tummies.

Please bring one flavour of treat. This will help us keep things simple. For example, if you bring cupcakes, bring all one flavor (chocolate OR vanilla). If you bring doughnuts, bring all one kind (glazed OR sprinkle).

Please keep these guidelines in mind for future reference.

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Morning Arrival/Late Arrival/Absences
Students who arrive to school early (before 7:30am) should remain in the PYP atrium until supervision begins.

At 7:30am, students are to head outside for their morning play time.

Students who arrive at school between 7:30am should put their belongings in their cubbies, water bottles in the basket, and head outside to the playground straight away.

When the morning bell rings at 7:50am, students should already be outside.

Any student who arrives after 8:00am should first head to the elementary office to pick up a late slip before coming to the classroom. If someone other than a parent is dropping of your child, please be sure to tell them this.

If you know that your child will be absent on any given day, please send an email to Ms. Aim in the PYP office at sissadee@kis.ac.th to let her know the reason. Please CC us on your message.

Thank you for your support.

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EY2 InfluenzaA letter_22Aug19
EY2 InfluenzaA letter_22Aug19

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Parent Forum on Friday Morning
Parent Forum BTS

Parent Forum BTS

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