Week #7: Sept. 23rd – 27th

House Shirt Day this Friday
Please have the students wear their house shirts This Friday 27th September.
We will be attending the Grade 4 assembly in the auditorium.


* * * * *

EY3 Garden
Last week, EY3 students helped Ms. Nok prepare our Mushroom House in the EY3 garden. Yesterday we had a mushroom mini-harvest. At dismissal time, parents and other caregivers gave donations in exchange for mushrooms to help support our garden.

* * * * *

Unit of Inquiry
During this unit, Who We Are, the students spend time exploring the key concepts causation, perspective and responsibility.  Here are a few interesting articles that are connecting to the key concepts and what you can do at home to strengthen your child’s understanding of them:

Perspective: “The understanding that knowledge is moderated by different points of view which lead to different interpretations, understandings and findings; perspectives may be individual, group, cultural or subject-specific.


Causation: “The understanding that things do not just happen; there are causal relationships at work, and that actions have consequences.”


Responsibility: “The understanding that people make choices based on their understandings, beliefs and values, and the actions they take as a result do make a difference.”


* * * * *

Students have been exploring letter-sound relationships and how to blend sounds together. Through read-alouds, students have been strengthening their skills by identifying connections, making predictions and learning about different points of view.

* * * * *

Data Management
EY3 students have been inquiring into relationships and getting to know one another. During a class discussions, one of our students mentioned that learning about what we have in common with others helps our relationships grow.

Students have been creating different diagrams and are learning how to ask questions as a way of gathering information about one another. Some of the questions students have been asking are:

How old are you?
What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?
Do you have brothers or sisters?

We are currently working together to organize information about who has siblings in a Venn diagram. Students also asked Ms. Nok, Ms. Ploy, Ms. Helen, Ms. Magda, Ms. Pensri, Ms. Mint, and Ms. Rachel questions to find out where they belong on the diagram.

* * * * *

Library/Reading Resources
Students brought home their library folders last week.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 1.03.17
Library folders are due on Friday morning (Sept 27th).
Thank you.

* * * * *

Important Dates
calendar reminderHouse Shirt Day – Fri. 27th Sept. 2019
NO SCHOOL –  Mon. 14th Oct. (In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol)
EY3 Field Trip: KIDZANIA –  Thurs. 17th Oct., 2019
October Break –  Monday Oct. 21st – 25th, 2019
Parent Teacher Conferences –  Nov. 4th-8th

* * * * *


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