Reading at Home

Dear Parents,

Today your child brought home their library folders containing 2 self-selected books from the PYP library along with 1 ORT (Oxford Reading Tree) book.

This letter explains how you could use the ORT book to help your child learn to read, or if your child is already reading, practice telling the story using only the pictures.
Here’s what to do:
Choose a quiet time to share the story.
Look at the cover. Talk about what the story might be about.
Look at the pictures in the storybook. Talk about them and tell the story together.
If the storybook has sentences on the page, cover them up while you do a ‘picture walk’ through the book before reading the story with your child (example photos below).
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Remember! Reading should be fun and you don’t have to follow every step every time.
At this stage…
Your child will use the pictures as a clue. Don’t cover them up.
Your child may guess the sentences. Don’t try to stop this.
Your child may learn the sentences off-by-heart. Don’t worry if this happens.
The stories are fun to read with humorous drawings that adults usually like as much as
children. I hope you will enjoy reading them with your child, and helping him/her to become a confident reader.
Yours sincerely,
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