Week #12: Nov. 4th – 8th

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EY3 Closure

EY3 closure updatePlease click on the link to read the letter regarding the EY3 closure this week.
EY3 closure update

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Last Wednesday we celebrated Divali/Diwali at KIS. We attended an assembly in the morning in which Janvi and Pranvat were risk takers and performed on stage, along with Ms. Helen who took part in some traditional Indian dancing.

In class, some students made paper deyas. Students also had the opportunity to get henna/mendhi decorations on their hands courtesy of parent volunteers (including Janvi’s mother).

Last week, students decorated our classroom and had the opportunity to dress up for Halloween and take part in the parade.

Congratulations to Xan Xan, Xi Xi, and Ava who were voted best costumes for our grade level.

IMG_2874 IMG_2892 - Version 2

Ms. Nicole also came to read us the story Los Gatos Black on Halloween (illustrated by our read-aloud author Yuyi Morales).

20191030_091618 20191030_091539

We also met some of our new Grade 10 Reading Buddies last Friday, who then joined us for our visit to Grade 5 who was hosting Halloween Games.

Thank you to the parents who helped out with the Bake Sale last Friday as well. Your support is very much appreciated.

EY3 Garden
Our class garden is coming along beautifully. Students spent time tending to the plants as well as sowing sunflower seeds, onion seeds, and morning glory. Our corn kernels that were planted just before the October break have sprouted and are also growing well.

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Teach Your Monster to Read
Students are beginning reading/phonics activities using the Teach Your Monster to Read app. Some of of the students are already familiar with the program from EY2. For those of you that are new to it, here is a short video that highlights the features.

EY3 students’ login and password information will be shared with parents this week via email.

Students used their thinking and fine motor skills while writing about what they did during October break. Students are beginning to explore using past tense verbs in their speech as well as their writing.

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Students have begun exploring different ways to make the number 10 using Numicon pieces.

Going forward, we will be working on different ways to document these combinations.

We are continuing to explore time through making connections to the calendar. Students are having discussions about what kind of information we get from calendars, and learning to differentiate between days, dates, months, and years.

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Loose Parts Play
Thank you parents for sending in materials for our loose parts play. Students have been busy using them to create different types of families, making instruments, and building structures.

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Library/Reading Resources
Students will resume bringing home their library folders next week.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 1.03.17

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Important Dates
calendar reminderPT Conferences – to be rescheduled due to EY3 closure
Parent Forum – Monday 11th November
NO SCHOOL –  Thurs. 5th December
Holiday Concert –  Fri. 13th December
Winter Break –  Dec. 14th – Jan. 5th, 2019

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