Current Unit of Inquiry and Planning

Unit of Inquiry 2 – Transdisciplinary Theme:
Where We Are in Place and Time

An inquiry into the orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.

Title: Family Histories

Central Idea:
Family history can connect people to the past, present, and the future.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Family histories
  • Location in place and time
  • Change over time

Teacher Questions:

  1. What is a family?
  2. What is history?
  3. Where do our families come from?
  4. What places are important to our families?
  5. What changes have happened in our lives?

Key Concepts:

  • Change
  • Connection
  • Perspective


* * * * * * * * *

Unit of Inquiry #1 (Year-Long Unit)

Transdisciplinary Theme: Who We Are
An inquiry into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human.

Title: Building Relationships

Central Idea:
People develop relationships through the actions and choices they make.

Lines of Inquiry (and teacher questions):

  • Community relationships
  • Individual and group choice
  • Growing through challenge

Teacher Questions

  • What is a relationship?
  • What kind of relationships do we have?
  • What is a community?
  • What is your responsibility in the community?
  • How do your choices and actions affect relationships?
  • Why might people have different relationships?

Key Concepts:
– Causation
– Perspective
– Responsibility
(Reflection will occur on an ongoing basis throughout the inquiry.)

Artifacts: Please bring in an artifact that demonstrates any of your child’s passions/interests (for e.g. an object or a photograph).