Home Learning (Emergencies)

In the Event of an Emergency Closure

Emergency closures can happen any time throughout the academic year with little or no advanced warning. In the event of an emergency school closure, the safety and well being of all community members is a priority. It is recognized that emergency closure only happens during crisis and that format, responses and staff/student availability will depend on the reason for closure.

The school will endeavor to provide the most up to date in formation for all families in relation to the emergency situation/closure. In the event of a closure, the school will provide opportunities for home learning to minimize the impact the closure may have on student’s learning.

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2019-2020 Term #3 – EY3 Schedule and Planning for Distance Learning

Week #31: April 20th – 24th (Distance Learning Wk #4)

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Homeroom: Week #32: April 27th – May 1st (Distance Learning Wk #5)

Week #32 Specialist ZOOM Schedule: April 27th – May 1st

* * *

Homeroom: Week #33: May 4th – 8th (Distance Learning Wk #6)

Week #33 Specialist ZOOM Schedule: May 4th – 8th

* * *

Homeroom: Week #34: May 11th – 15th (Distance Learning Wk #7)

Week #34 Specialist ZOOM Schedule – May 11th – 15th:

* * *

Homeroom: Week #35: May 18th – 22nd (Distance Learning Wk #8)

Week #35 Specialist ZOOM Schedule – May 18th – 22nd:

* * *

Homeroom: Week #36: May 25th – 29th (Distance Learning Wk #9)

Week #36 Specialist ZOOM Schedule – May 25th – 29th:

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Homeroom: Week #37: June 1st – 5th (Distance Learning Wk #10)

Week #37 Specialist ZOOM Schedule – June 1st – 5th:

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Zoom logoFor ZOOM sessions that are lesson-focused, please review the following with your children. Many have been doing very well during these sessions, but an occasional reminder may help others who still aren’t sure about the behaviour expectations.

ZOOM Ettiquette
In addition to the guidelines shown in the image below (click to enlarge), here are a few pointers to keep in mind:
– Students should be seated, either on a chair at a table/desk, or on the floor (preferably with their back to a wall)

– Whatever device the student is using, it should be positioned in such a way that their hands are free. If necessary, prop up tablets or mobile phones at eye level so that the student’s face is clearly visible.

– Please keep backgrounds simple for instructional ZOOM lessons. Green-screen type VR backgrounds are more suitable for social ZOOMs (example House Meet-Up ZOOMs and upcoming Spirit Activity Day ZOOMs).

– Students should be aware of how to Mute & Unmute their microphones (and know when it is appropriate to do so) as well as Leave a meeting when it’s over. Your child may need your support on how to to do these until they can do it independently.

– Please ensure that students eat either before their ZOOM meeting, or wait until it is over.

Thank you for your support.

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Emergency Closure: November 4th – 5th, 2019 [COMPLETED]
Please click on the following link for Home Learning activities.


Thai Home Learning: EY3 Thai home learning_5.11.2019

TAL Home Learning:  EY3 TAL – Unit_ Family

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Emergency Closure: March 17th – 30th, 2020 [COMPLETED]
Please click on the following links for Home Learning activities.

EY3 Homeroom:
The blue booklets that you collected from school include the following papers.
– EY3 Home Learning Book Instructions
– Sample Daily Schedule
– Parent letter
– Seesaw QR code and instructions
– Coin activity
Please these to get your child started this week.
Homeroom teachers will be checking in online every morning at 9:00 AM.

Thai Home Learning: EY3 Thai Home Learning March 2020

TAL Home Learning: EY3_TAL_Home Learning_Unit_Our School

Art, PE, and Music: home learning activities will be posted on Seesaw.

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