Lost and Found

Please visit the atrium tables to find any missing items before we leave on holiday.  There are many items missing their homes!

PS_Lost and Found Letter (June2019)

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Summer Learning

Dear Families,

We have LOVED being your child’s teachers this year. Our caring community has grown and changed so much over the course of our time together, and it has been inspiring to see! We hope that you and your child continue to learn and play together this holiday. Here are a few ideas to keep learning going.

  • PLAY! With anything and everything! Inside or outside!
  • Make and CREATE with paper, markers, glue, scissors. Invent something new!
  • READ anything and everything you can, together or alone.
  • Visit interesting places like the science center, art museum or a library!

Websites to use-

Remember, if you get bored, that’s when creativity happens!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday.

See you in August!

-The G1 Team

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Last Week Review

Hello Families,

This week we are continuing to work hard to prepare our end of year show. It is clear that we have all been practicing our lines! We will focus on creating our backdrops and costumes this week.

For costumes, please read the following corresponding to your child’s class.

Class A- Costumes will be made at school by your child. They may wear casual clothes of their choice for the performance. They must wear their uniforms to school, and bring their casual clothes in a separate, labeled bag.

Class B- Costumes will be made at school by your child. Taiki and Bell want to wear a cool shirt from home. All other 1B students should wear a plain dark T shirt and shorts and leggings with no patterns. They must wear their uniforms to school and bring their casual clothes in a separate, labeled bag.

Class C- Costumes will be made at school by your child. Patty should wear white because she is a bunny. They must wear their uniforms to school, and bring their casual clothes in a separate, labeled bag.

Costumes will be worn for dress rehearsal for Wednesday, June 12, Thursday, June 13  and Friday June 14, for the final show.


This Friday June 7 will be our class swim party! All three classes and teachers will have fun in the pool together to celebrate our year of learning. Please make sure to bring swim bags!

Monday June 10 will be a Play Day! Play has helped us grow so much this year, and we want to celebrate! Your child may bring a toy to share or play with that day. Please make sure it is labeled, is not electronic, and does not need batteries.

Our End of Year Class Party is Thursday June 13 from 1:30-2:30. If you are in the Tosakan or Naga house, it is your responsibility to sign up and bring food. The signup list is on the table outside of the G1 learning space. Please remember we have nut allergies and vegetarians in the classroom.

Please email us with any questions.

Have a happy week!

-The G1 Team

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Last Week Review

Hello Families!

This week we are working hard to prepare our end of year show. With patience, collaboration, communication, and resilience, our shows will be ready for June 14! When we are not practicing for our show, we are hard at work exploring different buildings and structures. This week our focus is on time and history. We are investigating what buildings and structures looked like in the past, present, and imagining the future. With Mr. Eric in ICT, we are also exploring how to build and creating buildings with a purpose in Minecraft. In math, we are continuing to explore shapes and their properties, practicing to use specific vocabulary such as edge, face, sides, and vertices.


This is the last week of homework. Please check your homes and cars for materials that need to be returned to KIS. Ms. Lindsay is on the lookout especially for these books, have you seen them?



Have a happy week!

-The G1 Team

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End of Year Show

In regards of the End of Year Show, here is the information we have currently.

The show will take place on Friday, June 14th, at 9:30am.

Class A, B, and C will have separate acts during the show.

Together, Class A, B, and C will participate in singing a shared song with EY, KG, and G2 at the end of the show.

There will be a dress rehearsal on Thursday, June 13th, at 10:00am. This show is only available to families who will be out of town on the 14th. 

Please read the attached letter from Ms. June for more information.

Letter to EY1-G2 parents_22052019

Please email your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the show.

Thank you!

-The G1 Team

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Student Led Conferences- Review

Thank you so much for participating in Student Led Conferences on Monday! It was so much fun to watch the G1 students lead their parents around the room as well as the school. We hope that you were able to learn something new as well as gain a deeper understanding of the amazing things your child has learned this year.

For the remainder of the week, we will continue our learning of 2D and 3D shapes, pushing our thinking to create structures of our own. We will also be extending our thinking in reading as we prepare for the End of Year Show, learning lines for drama and new songs. As we continue to apply our learning of shape and structures, we will analyze and research different buildings and investigate their purpose, history, materials used to build, and any questions we may have. We will be using books and internet search engines to find new information about our buildings.



As the end of the school year approaches, please keep a look out for items like library books and classroom books. Please return books that may have fallen behind desks, beds and shelves that you come across.


Have a happy week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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Student Led Conferences

Hello Families!

In preparation for Student Led Conferences happening this Monday May 20, we would like to share a few questions that you can ask your child as they show you around our learning space as well as specialists. Use these to help guide the conference if needed!


What is this? How does it work? How many ____?
Why do you like this activity? What is your favorite activity? Why? What did you learn from this activity?
Which activity is difficult to do? Why? How did you show you are (learner profile attribute)? Learner profile attributes-

Caring, inquirer, thinker, balanced, principled, risk taker, communicator, open minded, reflective


Please remember that it is your child’s responsibility to show you around and tell you about their work. We’ve been practicing throughout the week, and they are well prepared. This is a wonderful time to practice complimenting and praising your child for their hard work. Here are some comments to help you celebrate your child.


I like the way you … The piece of work shows me that you can… I think it’s great that you…
I’m so proud of you because… I can tell you worked hard on … You’ve really done your best!
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Primary Parent Forum

Hello Families!

Please join Ms. June and Mr. Gerry on Friday, May 17 at 8am for a parent forum. See the attached letter for more information.

Parent Forum 170519

-The G1 Team


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Last Week Review

Hello G1 Families!

Last week we began to explore our new unit- Where we are in place and time.

Our central idea is that architectural structures reflect purpose, history and available materials.

Mr. Eric supported Grade 1 by taking us on two different virtual reality (VR) field trips! We saw the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Buckingham Palace, the Burj Khalifa, and Chateau de Chambord. During our experience we noticed many similarities and differences between the buildings as we began to discuss what each building was used for and what it is made from. As we move forward, we will begin to notice and compare the buildings at KIS, especially the primary building and the new building, where SEA and the design center are located.

In math this week we will continue to create and identify 2D and 3D shapes, practicing our vocabulary during discussion by using words like vertices, sides, faces, and edges. In language we are continuing to practice reading with fluency and writing our opinions on different topics using descriptive and complete sentences.



Please sign up for a Student Led Conference time. The sign up sheet is outside of the Grade 1 learning space. Student Led Conferences will be Monday, May 20. Specialists (Music, Art, PE) will be available to visit as well.  Some reminders for conferences:

  • This is not a regular school day. You will come for the conference time and to visit specialists. Your child will lead you through it!
  • Uniform should be worn
  • There will be snacks and coffee/juice available throughout the day
  • If you are a parent of siblings, please leave the sibling(s) in the Library during your G1 student’s conference
  • Give 100% of your attention to your child during their conference (leave mobile phones off).

Free Dress Friday (for a good cause!)

Last Friday we had the pleasure of the Kliptown Youth Program performing for us at an assembly.

To say thank you and connect to our global community, this Friday, May 17 is FREE DRESS DAY.

In order to take part, you must make a donation to our wonderful performers we saw last week, the Kliptown Youth Program. Located in South Africa, this organization provides breakfast and after-school homework clubs for orphaned children as well as skill training and reading programs to help community members gain employment. Please bring the donation on Friday.

Have a happy week!

-The G1 Team

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Important Reminders

Hello G1 Families,

Please see the attached letter regarding Student Led Conferences which will be on Monday May 20.

Families with siblings may sign up between Wednesday May 8-Friday May 10 in the office.

Families with no siblings may sign up between Monday May 13- Friday May 17 outside of the G1 learning space.

This is not a regular school day. You must come with your student at their scheduled time.

Students are expected to be in their uniform.

You must leave when conferences are over.

Regular school bus service will not be running.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

PS_SLC May 20th 2019

-The G1 Team

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