G1 Update 24th September


Next week in G1 W8 T1 27th September – 1st October

Thank you for joining us for Parent / Teacher conferences today. We are loving that with COVID, we are able to meet with families more often online, allowing opportunities to get to know our community better.


This week we begin our new inquiry ‘The Natural World changes in observable ways’. We will be tuning in to what we think the Natural World is and what it means to us all. On Monday please be aware that if your child doesn’t know what the actual vocabulary ‘Natural World’ means or hasn’t got any connections or idea of the concept of the Natural World please let them post this. Parents don’t need to explain it first.


In Reading we will continue exploring text features of non-fiction books and in writing how to plan for non-fiction writing. Lots of practicing to gain confidence is writing (please do not worry about spelling).


We will start to explore forms of measurement by thinking about what we already know – sharing what we think and finding artifacts that reflect measurement in the real world. SImilarly to Inquiry work, it is not necessary for G1 students to display a clear understanding and questions can be posted too. We will also start adding single digit numbers to double digit numbers in different ways and end the week with inquiry into how numbers get their names.

Reading / Small groups

Class A please check the changes in all reading groups in the table that has been sent out.

G1 W8 T1 Week 8 Resources

G1 Weekly Plan W8 T1 September 27 2021 (1)

Grade 1 Timetable Links (Parents) W8

This week in G1

In literacy we started exploring non-fiction, starting by asking what non-fiction could be. We then looked at fact and opinions and have seed ideas for non-fictional writing in which we have planned four facts that we will detail.

In maths we contiued to organise ways to count. Here is an example of what we did:

Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 14.31.04

For the end of our current unit of inquiry – HOW WE ORGANISE OURSELVES – we created our own community and an event that affected that community.


On Friday it was house day and here are some of the house challenges we submitted.

Upcoming dates to remember

28th September KISPA PS Class Rep meeting

October KISPA Pinktober

4th November KISPA Diwali




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International Peace Day

On Tuesday 21st September we reflected in KIS about what peace means to us.

Peace at KIS

Grade 1 made cranes after reading about Sadako in Hiroshima. We will bring them to school once we return to campus.


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G1 update 15th September


Next week in G1

Term 1 Week 7

Week 7 Schedule

Please note that next week is a 4 day week (Monday – Thursday) for Grade 1 learning. Friday will be an off schedule day celebrating KIS houses (Naga, Hanuman, Tosakan and Erawan).

Screen Shot 2564-09-15 at 15.08.36

_G1 Weekly Plan W7 T1 September 20 2021

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences will take place on Friday 24th September. Please sign up with your child’s name on the document that will be sent out. If you cannot make one of the times please mail the class teacher to arrange an alternative slot.

Class A Sign-up

Class B Sign-up

Class C Sign-up

Parent Teacher Conferences 2021


We will be introducing non-fiction reading and writing.These skills will support their investigations in our new inquiry of Nature Changes.


We will be counting groups of toys or maths resources by making groups of 10 and filling a table with totals. We will introduce odd and even by grouping in pairs or two equal groups to understand that concept.


Next week we will be using a number of different engagements to assess student understanding of our inquiry. During Seesaw engagements if your child has a lot of connections but it is taking time for them to write them please scribe their ideas. We want to assess understanding, not writing in this instance.

Reading / Small groups

The list and timings of the groups has been sent via email. Please contact the class teacher if you have not received the update.

  • Class A no changes to groups times or students
  • Class B no changes to groups times or students
  • Class C no changes to groups times or students

This week in G1

It was a short but very busy week. Everyone was involved in flight checks and story writing as well as reflecting about ISH written by Peter Reynolds, thinking about the affect that Marisol had on Ramon’s mindset. We wrote our stories and did a self reflection about how we felt we had done. As you can tell, reflection is a huge part of our thinking in G1, for both adults and students.

2fc1e8d4-059c-4dcf-b9be-4f8bc4f297b0.jpg___1631175654___1209600___hExlKQ6XZoycM-ENbPRUSqMB_mea5iao7VbV2jlTM5p87w3m6HWzw8dH_cXeNKtP_yGNypr60tP-EM6h6x6fdA 4c696e27-7b26-4776-8c5c-cf9aa6d4a6f4.jpg___1631347251___1209600___L3EJRFTo3u7UQmXf0rLAJF5ocv0aExUo6IH2GkOLC8b8u730HMW42k8SIDJbcCwOWeTBupH-_-ZAAli7RyDuYg 7d206369-28bb-4e3b-a80a-437760c24d79.jpg___1631431200___1209600___QMoCRGgPStbVo_mWpyKbIla3z5uWnVZKwT1EwCbqt6HCE3mB5ZW2uEJa7KacHE5oyL0Csy8pFg7fF_MWcaQTtQ 99e46b87-f153-48a6-9be1-df4c756fee3d.jpg___1631205009___1209600___hqyRNYDW5V0vUH6LQrapDIfSN-r5zRXJSnP1s4qJQDllyWlmNPPDOGD81OEcgwM-dGONbTCEtKIPJbci-QfILw 622e38b1-b373-4016-b7b9-72e09c45deb3.jpg___1631610662___1209600___syv67X1TUltySDRgrqBoCLirNSEIwNaJUKFDSVam5dOlg4PpeOUE93DeXHzD2maEAppP1VfF7N9BApzWI5WZZw b2764669-97d6-4883-bcb1-bee6208e4a4c.jpg___1631400320___1209600___odvGLqlZeBypSbe7CsYI9xuDLjBJWDV_VTDANsqUXL7dOc9sjus827MjMI7db6N-RyzZK9mac-5eOxyU1Dvt2w e6814a12-1290-4616-b4a9-c8f46e318e5a.jpg___1631094016___1209600___pFHxZ6p1FP1cfoss4QnwIi8WzQgZdbqNNUDcHufHWuFGrE2JQzc4RqWoNXXsf9547osZk3Sk-z-g2eTBaeK3CA

Happily, in a great connection, Dot Day fell on the 15th. As THE DOT was also written by Peter Reynolds it was an exciting week for us.

Upcoming dates to remember

24th September Parent/Teacher Confereences

24th September House Activity Day

24th September HOS Parent Coffee Meeting

28th September KISPA PS Class Rep meeting

October KISPA Pinktober

4th November KISPA Diwali

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G1 update 10th September


The week ahead in G1

Term 1 Week 6

Week 6 Schedule

Please note that next week is a 3 day week (Monday – Wednesday). Due to the reduced week the following zoom calls have changed:

  • Class A no changes to groups times or students
  • Class B elephant reading group (Thursday) will be Monday 8.50am (Week 6 only)
  • Class C Communicator/ Balanced (Thursday) will be Tuesday 12.40pm (Week 6 only)
  • No student council on Thursday (Week 6 only)


We will continue to count larger groups of objects by sorting on to groups of 10s. Your child can practice this at home with smaller toys like LEGO. Daily Date is ongoing. There will be some further work on number lines to 50. A choice board will be available from Friday 10th that is optional inquiry work for your child. 



Our assessment this week will be reading. Students will record their reading using RAZ Kids. This will be the only reading learning engagement next week. Writing will focus on writing a story using plans created in week 5.


This week we will be researching the change and causation of change in the story ‘Ish’ By Peter. H Reynolds. Students will be asked to read the story and reflect on their perspectives during their small group interactions with their teacher.

G1 W6 T1 Week 6  Resources needed

G1 Weekly Plan W6 T1 September 13 2021


This week in G1 – 6th – 10th September

In writing, it has been all about narrative stories. We have been learning how to grow seed ideas and choose one that we wish to work on. We have then planned beginnings, middles and ends and tried to furnish more details before writing.

Here are a few samples of our story plans:


Inquiry has moved to considering changes firstly in a story about a lynx in the forest, next through a video about deforestation and finally by considering the evolution of Earth through a non-fiction text. This reflects a range of ways of researching, as well as leading our students to consider and share their viewpoint. Here is a sample of the ways in which students responded:


In maths, the students have been busy with assessment activities. Once again, Ms. Helen needed support to be able to organise her counting. The students helped her organise marbles into subsets to help her count. We can see that students are connecting ideas and finding their own recording systems – tally marks, colour coding, checking off and other methods for counting accurately. See their suggestions below:


And it’s not all about work! G1 were so enthusiastic about Student Council that 11 people applied to be reps. In order to support each other in being heard and creating a caring and inclusive community (a core value at KIS), those candidates met to organise info for our 3 reps to take to the first meeting. Here is the question the students are asking this week:

Student G1 survey for Council

We also changed Helpdesk to Passion Time this week. Another core value, and one we treasure, is to nurture passion in self and others. Ms. Nong shared her passion for printing and art this week. Look at the glorious creations that were shared:


We wish our families and G1 community a happy weekend away from devices to renew our energy. Thank you for your commitment and support this week.

The G1 team.

Dates to Remember:

16th and 17th September School Holiday
24th September Parent / Teacher Conferences 
24th September HOS Parent Coffee
28 September KISPA PS Class Rep Meeting 
October – KISPA Pinktober
4 November KISPA Diwali
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Back To School Coffee Meeting 6th September

It was our pleasure to meet you all today. Thank you for such a great turnout – helping us to create a caring and inclusive community – we are always here to support you.

Here is the information that was provided during the meeting.

Grade 1 Back to School 2021

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G1 update 3rd September



Concept of Teamwork, people building gear wheels. isolated on white background. Vector illustration. Eps 10.

Next week in G1

Term 1 Week 5

Parent “Back to School” Coffee Meeting – 1.45pm Monday 6th September

Grade 1 will present a “Back to School” Coffee Meeting for all student community members. These coffee meetings are held during the year to further develop connections between school and home. We will be introducing the team, reviewing the learning this year, discussing roles during remote learning, providing ideas on feedback to your child,  and answering any questions or concerns you may have.


On Monday, students will be asked to complete a writing sample. This is an independent task, please do not assist your child. The sample will allow teachers to modify the engagements to meet the needs of your child. They will begin to draw a picture and then write after.


This week we will use literature to explore events which have affected our planet and caused change to that community. Please ensure your child has access to www.getepic.com so they can use the books as research tools. We will also be reflecting on student questions. 


Maths will start with students finding their own ways to count and organise numbers. We will introduce counting objects in 10s and number lines. At the end of the week, there will be an inquiry task from student questions. Daily Data continues each day.

Weekly Groups

On Thursday at 1.45pm we will introduce the Grade 1 Student Council. We had many students interested in joining so we have established a Grade 1 meeting. Ms Helen will hold meetings each week (no Passion Time Thursdays) so that students can learn what the Student Council is. This meeting is open to all students.

The group list is accessible in the update mail sent by Ms. Lisa. Please check for any changes that may have been made.

Information and timetables for next week:

G1 W5 T1 Week 5 Resources Blog

G1 Weekly Plan W5 T1 September 6 2021

Grade 1 Timetable Links (Parents) (1)

Notes from admin

Information about developing independence from Ms. Tania.

Developing Independence in the EY years

This week in G1 30th August to 3rd September

Ms. Helen was in trouble for not being able to calculate attendance. G1 students all came forward with strategies to help her out so that she wasn’t sent back to EY1.

Mr. Ashley has called on us to reflect on negative and positive affects of different kinds of events.

Ms. Lisa has asked to write about Missy her dog.

Missy the Dog Stories

We ended the week in a Grade meeting and with Passion and Story Time. We shared the story ISH by Peter Reynolds and a KAhoot about our week’s activities. See hw well we did!


Here we are as a grade:

2A9C17A8-2FCB-447C-9C83-F7C4B8701628_1_201_a 60E15FA2-6253-4094-B97E-1AB7C0D390F7_1_201_a

Upcoming dates to remember

September 6th 1:45PM G1 Back To School Meeting for parents

September 8th 8:30 – 9:45AM HOS Coffee Meeting

Thursday September 16th: Professional Development Day – no classes for students

Friday September 17th: September Break – holiday, no class


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G1 update 27th August

This week in G1

We celebrated our first House Day today!

We got to see each other in our house colours today and had our first full grade ZOOM. We competed in a house KAHOOT together with these results.


27C9E5EB-08B8-4A07-927C-6813E6F95A7D_4_5005_c 9C1935C2-D30C-4701-B5E7-0D16C171FAC3_4_5005_c 9C8D1B23-946E-44B2-8A83-FABCABE48E1A_4_5005_c C201A0F3-C64A-4AD3-B293-3A19E3CEA7BF_4_5005_c

We did a scavenger hunt for our house colours above.





House events take place on the last Friday of each month.

Next week in G1

Term 1 Week 4


As class teachers we are continuing to reflect on how our program is delivered. We have been discussing it extensively over the last two weeks ourselves, and how we can make our program fit with the needs of all families. We have just finalised a review of our daily schedules which we will launch next week.

The day will begin with a 15-20min whole Class Zoom at the start of the school day at 7.50am. We will introduce an additional small group zoom session for your child as well. Each student will then have a daily class zoom, a guided reading group once a week and two small group zooms. During the additional zoom session we will look at a variety of areas including literacy, maths, inquiry, social development and passions. These groups have been mailed to you in the weekly mail today.

The afternoon help desk has also changed and rebranded to PASSIONS. Each week there will be a focus and students will be encouraged to post on the morning message, sharing their passion and then in the afternoon zoom share with their peers (to encourage social interactions and oral communication skills). Next week’s passion will be drawing and painting.

Each Monday at 1.45pm the Help Desk is for parents who may have questions regarding the inquiry, maths or language program, questions on technology or even comments on how your child is. Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

We are continually looking at how we can improve our program and welcome suggestions and recommendations.

If you feel your child is taking too long to complete a task please let us know. What we do in the classroom does not always work in remote learning – we need to adjust these tasks. Feedback is our most powerful tool as a community to continually develop a program that meets the needs of our students. Monday at 1.45pm the Help Desk is for parents who may have questions or comments on how your child and the program is working. 


In Literacy we will introduce handwriting practice twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. Students are to practice writing letter shapes (one page) and then upload a photograph in Seesaw. In Reading we will focus on reading punctuation – this means stopping at full stops, pausing at commas and reading loudly with exclamation marks. In Writing our focus will be holding a sentence – remembering what we want to write.

casey1 Casey2 Casey3 CAsey4


It is a pleasure to see our students tackling maths activities with energy and enthusiasm. Next week we will be asking them to generate questions about numbers so that we can follow the students’ inquiries as well as covering the G1 skills. We will continue to work on place value – tens and ones with a combination of online activities and use of maths resources. If your child can complete tasks using manipulatives or pencil and paper away from devices  then we would encourage you to support this and upload the results to Seesaw. One activity is linked to the IXL site. Your child will need to be logged in to IXL and the link will take them straight to the activity. We hope that you have all managed to access accounts but are happy to help if you contact us with questions. We will be counting from specific numbers, holding them in our mind and counting in reverse back to the number to secure our number knowledge to 100.  There will also be some simple addition problems introduced where we would like to see the strategies our students have devised or learned for working an answer out. Mistakes are all part of the process and indicate where your child is acquiring new skills so we hope that G1 can complete the activities as independently as possible.

10s 10sB 10sC 10sD


It has been very exciting to see the students connecting to communities and the whole range of events that make communities adapt or change. We also had many interesting and investigative questions posed by the students. This mindset is very positive. This coming week we will continue to build on these understandings as we explore in more detail specific events and the actions that we take when an event makes us adapt or change. We will always try to keep this with a more positive perspective as this is the tone that we are receiving back from our students. There have been so many encouraging comments. 

Key vocabulary words: event, community, celebration, effect, changes, impact, organise, organisation, sort, classify, identify

inq1 inq2 inq3 inq4

Planning and timetables for next week

You should have received these by email. Please let us know if you hvae not thus far.

2021_2022 Grade 1 Timetable W4

G1 Weekly Plan T1 W4 August 30 2021 – Google Docs

Resources needed and resource online packs

My Dictionary

Handwriting Book 1

Daily Data T1 2020-21 Aug-Sept

G1 W4 T1 Week 4 Resources 

Dates to remember

September 3rd 8:00 – 9:30AM Back to school coffee meeting for PS

September 8th 8:30 – 9:45AM HOS Coffee Meeting


Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Grade 1 Team

and we all shine on

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G1 update 20th August

This week in G1

We started our unit under the theme ‘How we organise ourselves‘. We have started to share our knowledge of communities and events that affect us. Students have shared their own perspectives and interviewed members of their family. Here is a brief insight into those activities: https://youtu.be/bWOCDO2_mxw

On Friday, we began the important process of reflection. Students reflected about what activities they had enjoyed the most over the weekScreen Shot 2564-08-20 at 12.46.06Screen Shot 2564-08-20 at 12.44.19 Screen Shot 2564-08-20 at 12.43.24 Screen Shot 2564-08-20 at 12.41.45 Screen Shot 2564-08-20 at 12.41.05 Screen Shot 2564-08-20 at 12.40.20

Next week in G1

Term 1 Week 3

Learning Packs to be collected

Next Friday, 27th August, we will have learning packs for every student to collect from the school car park. It will be a drive-up and we will have your packages while you stay in the car to keep everyone safe. Please make sure that your masks are on correctly. If you are unable to collect your pack, please contact your class teacher.

Zoom Agreements

All students in every online class have settled extremely well into speaking and listening, wearing uniforms and coming with a positive and happy attitude. We love that you are there supervising your child, however, we want them to gain confidence in their learning and to make their own mistakes. This is a natural and exciting step in the PYP mindset and we want to support the children in becoming risk-takers. 

Friday Grade Zoom

To develop a Grade 1 community, we will have a whole grade zoom on Friday. We will be introducing KAHOOT – which is an online question/answer game. Your child will need two devices – one to look at the questions in Zoom and another to answer questions. We will also celebrate our school houses so wear your house shirt (or something the same colour). The house list is attached.


In Literacy we begin to look further into how to write sentences. Last week we practiced writing common words to support our writing, next week we will look at punctuation and capital letters. In reading we will talk about how to be part of a reading group and continue with word sorts. We have been excited with the creativity of sorting the words. It is brilliant.


In Maths, we will introduce some new concepts in short videos and ask the students to make simple reflections about what they learn, or to ask questions that arise, which is an important part of reflection. We will be introducing tally marks, both reading and counting them. Encouragement for your child can be carried out by them surveying family eg. about favourite foods, sports, colours etc and tallying answers. We will also start working on tens and ones, by modelling numbers using the items that families have collected in their wonderful maths resource sets, to actively engage in activities away from devices. There has been an inspiring enthusiasm in counting videos this week as we continue our journey to become maths experts. 

As a support tool for remote learning, each student in Grade 1 has been given access to IXL Maths. IXL is a great online program for students to practice their skills and develop new understandings. Please contact your class teacher for access codes if you have not received them yet.


In Inquiry we will be reflecting on all of the student’s prior knowledge and beginning to form questions and wonderings. It’s already clear that we have a wide range of knowledge of events that affect communities so we will build on this as we begin to find out what the students know about actions that connect to events and what they would like to know generally. We will continue to reflect on communities and the wide range of communities we are members of. Developing questioning skills will always be an important part of our program and we will support students to use their questioning skills to drive our inquiries. 

Key vocabulary words: event, community, celebration, effect, changes, impact, organise, organisation, sort, classify, identify

Grade 1 Timetable with groups grade zoom

G1 W3 T1 Week 3 Resources Blog

Grade 1 Timetable with groups grade zoom

Baseline Testing

Here is a note from our PYP coordinator about initial assessment across the school.

Baseline Assessment

Student Council

An introductory meeting will be held on Monday 23rd August at 9:30. The link has been shared on Seesaw. If your  child would like to find out more they can join Ms. Magda there to find out details.

House List and House Shirt Day

The list of house members for Erawan, Hanuman, Tosakan and Naga has been sent home via email. On Friday 27th it will be our first House Day of the year. If you have not received the official shirt, we will be happy to see you dressed in house colours. Erawan – blue, Hanuman – orange, Tosakan – green and Naga- purple.

Dates to remember

Wednesday 25th August HOS Parent Coffee Meeting 8:30-9:45

Friday 27th August House shirt day and first Grade Meeting

Friday 27th August KISPA Parent meeting 10:00-11:00

Friday 27th August Home Package pick up day – all day



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G1 Update 13th August

Encouraging sign in nature

Meet our G1 students

This week in G1

It has been a pleasure to start to get to know one another this week. We have shared our photos on Seesaw and shown each other our learning spaces and ideas for using ZOOM meetings carefully to support ourseves and our community.

Aditionally, we looked around the house to utilise resources for mathematics, particularly for number acitivities, which is one of our present focuses.

Here is an example of us using the resources:

Our literacy activities included DROP EVERYTHING AND READ and sharing portraits. Here are some early submissions today:


Next week in G1 16th – 20th August W2 T1

Our learning next week will include one additional small group activity for each child. These groups are to engage students further in learning, provide academic and emotional support and develop reading skills. These sessions will be approximately 20min ensuring students remain engaged in the Zoom meetings. The groups and times will be listed on the daily planning in Seesaw.

In Literacy we will begin to build writing skills. We will start with learning to spell high frequency words that students will need to write regularly and write simple sentences using these words. Focusing on how the letters are formed will assist children to remember how the words are spelled. In Reading we continue with word sorts. We were so excited to see children research words that they did not know – showing independent research skills and an interest in languages. In the open sorts, there is no right or wrong way to organise the words and the more creative the more they are thinking about the words.

In Maths, we will start the week by looking at dates which is part of G1 daily routine, putting the days and numbers in order for our first full week. We will also start to focus on number lines and number order, practising skills with lower numbers initially to secure knowledge and vocabulary. We will also try out counting from specific numbers to 10 and 20 and back in ones. At the end of the week, students will be asked to reflect on a piece of work they completed and share reflections on friends’ contributions.

Our new Unit of inquiry ‘Adapting to Change’ (How we organise ourselves) will begin next week as it connects with our transition to remote learning. For the first week we will be exploring what students know (their prior knowledge) of events that make communities adapt and change. This of course connects to all of the change that has been forced upon us because of Covid 19. Hopefully though we can shift our mindsets to more positive events so we can see change as a positive concept and something that helps our personal development.

G1 Weekly Plan T1 W2 August 16 2021

G1 Weekly timetable with groups

Screen Shot 2564-08-13 at 15.10.59


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G1 Update 9th August

Term 1 Week 1 

Happy Monday Grade 1

Starting G1 10th August 2021

Your first meeting will be with your class and teachers via the Zoom links on Seesaw and in the email received today. The meetings will take place at 8AM on 10th August for all classes.

There will be a help desk at 1:45PM and Story Time at 2:15PM

Weekly Planning

Every Friday, we will send an overview of the planning and information for your child’s learning in the following week. The same information will also be posted on the class blog (excluding the zoom links). The email will include:

  • Weekly planning document
  • Resource list for all lessons
  • Weekly class timetables
  • Zoom links for all classes

Weekly planning 10/8/21    G1 Weekly Plan T1 W1 August 10 2021

Resources for week beginning 10/8/21   G1 T1 Week 1 Resources 

Class Timetables. Class Timetables T1 W1

Daily Schedule

Every morning at 7.50am we will post Seesaw activities that will review the learning for the day. 

Screen Shot 2564-08-09 at 11.05.48

  • There will be a daily greeting video that will list all classroom activities and provide the students a quick explanation of what is required. More detailed instructions will be given during the daily class zooms and further assistance during the afternoon helpdesk. 
  • Class A, Class B and Class C individual schedules that include the activities for each curriculum areas and specialist classes. Learning will be a combination of scheduled online Zoom sessions and activities that can be completed at a time that works best for your child.
  • All Zoom links for the day.


Each Monday there will be help desk for parents at 1:45PM. On Tuesday to Friday this is for students and includes help in all areas – assigned activities, technology and digital challenges, as well as emotional and social  support for each other.

We are stronger together phrase. Dot texture. Hand drawn brush style modern calligraphy. Vector illustration of handwritten lettering.

Meet the Teacher

Each teacher will meet with every child and their family (if available) over the next two weeks. The purpose of the individual meetings is to introduce ourselves to your child and to learn more about them. Beginning the school year without being in-class provides challenges and we aim to get to know our children as best possible. Please sign up to meet your child’s class teacher on the documents that have been shared with you via email. If you can not find a suitable time, contact the home reoom teacher who will be able to arrange an appropriate time with you.

Ms. Helen   helen.mc@kis.ac.th

Ms. Lisa.     lisa.di@kis.ac.th

Mr. Ashley  ashley.ke@kis.ac.th

A brief introduction to who we are:

Ms. Helen (A)

I have been living in Thailand for 4 years and feel at home in Bangkok. I enjoy yoga sessions, swimming, walking and reading, cinema and watching live music and football and have been trying to keep up with those that are possible in the summer. I am looking forward to meeting our new G1 this week and know that we will inspire each other in the coming months.

Ms. Lisa ( B and grade leader)

I have been living in Thailand for almost 17 years. I have three children: my eldest son is working in Bangkok; my middle son has graduated from Babson College and is now looking for work; and my youngest daughter will finish IB this year.

Mr. Ashley (C)

I have been in Thailand just over 21 years now and almost that long at KIS. I really enjoy teaching the IB and look forward to an exciting year ahead in Grade 1. My passions outside of school are playing and watching football and golf, and exploring Thailand and Asia. 

The G1 Community

We are very excited to meet everyone this week and please remember we are here to support the community – students, siblings, parents, grandparents. Contact us if you have any questions or meet us during the Monday afternoon parent meetings at 1.45pm. We know that we are stronger together and look forward to our first steps into our new community in the next week.

Story Time is also available each day at 2:15, in order to connect to close the official school day and to see each other as a grade. Please pop in! It is available to all members of our valued G1 community.

Happy young employees giving support and help each other flat vector illustration. Business team working together for success and growing. Corporate relations and cooperation concept.

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