Friday 15th January Updates for our families

THANK YOU!!! Thank you to all the parents and caregivers this week who have supported our children during remote learning. We have had almost 100% attendance on Zoom and completion of learning activities. We understand that you have had frustrating times during the week finding the right zoom links, remembering call times, and trying to understand our program of inquiry. We very much appreciate everything you are doing.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any problems, questions or concerns. Luckily our parent community has been keeping us informed of issues with zoom links and Seesaw tasks so that they can be corrected immediately, with little impact to our students. We are here not only to support our students, but also the community around them. Our student welfare is the highest priority at the moment.

This week we begin our new unit of inquiry into How We Express Ourselves: We can express ourselves through our ideas and feelings. We start discussions into what is self-expression.

Next week we will introduce an optional math inquiry task on Wednesday for the week. THIS IS OPTIONAL.

Attached is our weekly timetable, weekly overview plan, zoom links, and any resources you may need for next week’s lessons. Please post all Art activities into Seesaw as you will then be able to have a record of your child’s learning, Padlet is an option.

Class A Timetable

Class B Timetable

Class C Timetable

Weekly plan

G1 weekly Plan Term 2 Week 3 January 18 2021

Resource list

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 3.30.21 PM

Upcoming dates to remember
Parent zoom  Monday 18th January 1:40PM
PArent Forum with Head of School Friday 22nd JAnuary 8:30PM
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Friday 8th January Updates for G1 families

What a fabulous start to Term 2. While it was not the start we were expecting back in December, the entire Grade 1 (students and families) have embraced our new environment and continued our learning journey. We thank our families for your ongoing support and commitment to your child’s learning. Your support makes our role significantly easier. Please reach out to any of our Grade 1 team for assistance if you or your child are having difficulties. This could be as simple as not understanding the instructions or just having a bad day. We will endeavour to support the students through all of the ups and downs over the next “new normal”.


Every Friday we will be emailing to all families:

  • Weekly planning

  • Weekly timetable for each class

  • Resources required for the following week.


Every day, students will be sent using Seesaw:

  • Welcome message to all classes from one teacher

  • Daily timetable. Please note there will be a timetable & links for each class next week.

  • Links to Zooms for the day

  • List of activities to be completed


Weekly remote learning timetable by class

Here are the remote learning timetables for each class:

Week 2 Term 2 Grade 1 Remote LearningWeek 2 Term 2 Grade 1 Remote Learning (1)Week 2 Term 2 Grade 1 Remote Learning (2)


The downloadable link is pasted below each timetable.

Week Plan for 11th-15th January

G1 weekly Plan Term 2 Week 2 January 11 2021

Resource list for 11th-15th January

Resources T2 Week 2 11-15 January (1)

Help desk and teacher email addresses

 If you or your child have questions or concerns regarding anything, we will have a daily Helpdesk. The Monday helpdesk will be for parents & caregivers only. This will be where parents are able to ask questions about our program. Tuesday – Friday will be for both parents and students. The link will be posted on Seesaw.

Grade 1 Team




Thank you for your amazing support, we cannot thank you enough.

Letters and messages from admin

Parent Update from the HOS – Jan 8

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Daily Timetable T2 W1 January 8th

Well done for working so hard and showing such great enthusiasm in ZOOM meetings. It was a pleasure to see everybody.

The link for today’s timetable is below. The daily timetable should be accessed from Seesaw on the second page after the morning message.

Messages from admin

Ms. Alex PS Counsellor has collated information about how to support your child at home during remote learning and how to manage stress during a lockdown as a parent. Please take a look at the advice and tips that are shared.

PYP Counsellor Information


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Welcome to term 2 Week #19


Good morning parents and Grade 1 students. We hope you had a fabulous New Year and enjoyed time with family and friends.


Our Grade 1 team were very much looking forward to seeing all of your lovely and happy faces this week, but unfortunately due to COVID-19, we are back to remote learning. On a happy note, we would like to welcome our new students joining us this term:

G1A: Anna

G1B: Miyuu

G1C: Yue Yue

Week 1 will be using existing applications to set learning and communicate with our students. Seesaw will be our main learning platform and Zoom used for teaching and communicating with students and families. If you are having problems accessing these applications, please let us know and we will provide support to ensure we are all online.

Wednesday we would like to begin with a Zoom call with all Grade 1 students at 10am to begin the term, say hello, and allow students to see each other. The zoom details are:


Topic: Welcome Grade 1 to Term 2

The codes have been sent via email.

Students will begin tasks this week using Seesaw and on the first day the tasks will be posted at 10am. From Thursday onwards, all learning will be posted on Seesaw at 7.50am. We are currently finalising the timetable with specialists and will send out as soon as it has been approved. Friday afternoon we will be posting on the blog the weekly planning and any resources you may need for the upcoming week. For this week’s learning, students will not need any additional resources besides access to Seesaw.


Student support packs will be prepared tomorrow to include items that will support remote learning and available for collection from KIS from Thursday 7th January onwards. The packages will include school basics such as pencils, writing books, glue, some math equipment and their personal pencil case.


In the next few days, you will need to create a learning space for your child. This does not need to be large, but should be a space for your child to concentrate, without interruption.  Including your child in preparing and organising this space will encourage independence and ownership.


We look forward to seeing all of our wonderful students online tomorrow at 10am. If you have any difficulties, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact myself or your homeroom teacher. Grade 1 is a wonderfully supportive community and we look forward to further developing our partnership over the next phase of Grade 1 learning.

Grade 1 Team
Seesaw codes for today’s activities:
W1 Literacy Personal writing
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2020 End of year party in G1

On Wednesday, G1 students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the End of Year Party. Despite the fact that the number of parents attending was heavily restricted, we felt your presence in the generosity of the food, craft activities and gifts, as well as the respectful and appreciative way in which your children took part in our first true community event.

We enjoyed a play outside as the room was prepared, a tough and energising G1 quiz prepared by quizmaster Mr. Ashley that was competitively contested. After that we had a special musical performance by Matt and his father which became a sing-along. Briefly, students were changed into rabbits in a magic show. After that, we mingled and enjoyed food, craft, dance and movies as we chatted and spent time together.

Thank you for supporting us so well on that day and continuously through the term. We look forward to meeting together at future events with luck.

Here we are as we look forward to growing and learning in 2021



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Week #18 14th – 18th December

We are in our final week of school. Details for the last day are contained in Ms. June’s letter below.

Our party day is Wednesday 16th and this is a non-uniform day when students can wear their own clothes. Students should bring the food in the morning and we can refrigerate food in the staf froom if we need to.

There is no homework this week. Homework will resume in the new year.


Letters and messages from admin

Letter from Ms. June for holidays

Parent Update from the HOS – Dec 11

Holiday Calendar


Upcoming dates to remember
G1 Class Party December 16th 1 to 2:30PM
School closes 12PM December 18th Last day of school
6th January First day back in school for 2021.
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Week #17 8th – 11th December

Class Party 16th December 1:00 to 2:30 PM

This year due to the restrictions in place, the end of term party will be for students only.  Below, is a sign-up sheet for you to add items to. Food, snacks etc should be sent in on the morning of the party. Please label ingredients  in order for us to be able to take care of students with dietary restrictions and indicate if the food needs refrigeration.

Messages and letters from admin

Parent Update from the HOS – Dec 4

Holiday Gift Giving Poster  due date for presents, Thursday 11th December

December Calendar

Upcoming dates to remember
PS Parent Forum December 11th 8AM Auditorium
LAst day of gift giving December 11th
G1 Class Party December 16th 1 to 2:30PM
School closes 12PM December 18th Last day of school
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Sports Day 4th December

We had a successful Sports Day on 4th December. It was good to see G1 families together supporting the event. The winners were Naga who we congratulate on their success and teamwork.

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Week #16 30th November – 4th December

We have started out third unit and have started to inquire into feelings and how they impact mindset. We thank our students’ families for supporting us by reflecting on how they relax and unwind in interviews on Seesaw. These reflections are a valuable tool to help us to start perceiving that developing an open mindset is a lifelong skill that we can all utilise.

This week will be special as our families are able to participate alongside us for Sports Day on 4th December at 8AM. Please join us on the main sports field and wear house colours. Students should wear house shirts, running shoes, caps for the sun and carry a water bottle.  As it is a holiday weekend, you may sign your child out early if you wish. Swimming will take place as usual for Class A and B. Class C will swim on Thursday.

The G1 class party will take place from 1PM to 2:30PM on 16th December. Numbers are limited for this event and you will hear further details about this from the Parent Reps in the next few days.

Messages and letters from admin

Holiday Gift Giving Poster

Parent Update from the HOS – Nov 27

Sports Day letter 2020

Upcoming dates to remember G1 Sports Day December 4th 8AM - 8:45AM Main sports field Remembrance of King Bhumipol's Birthday December 7th School closed Last day for tree donations 10th December PS Parent Forum December 11th 8AM Auditorium Hour of Code December 11th Atrium G1 Class Party December 16th 1PM - 2:30PM Half day for students December 18th School finishes 12PM
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G1 Sports Day


On Friday December 4th 8AM – 8:45AM G1’s socially distanced Sports Day will take place on the main athletics field. Students should wear house shirts and running shoes on this day, as well as a cap to protect from the sun; a bottle of water will also be necessary.

Parents can attend this event as it will be held grade by grade to limit numbers. Please meet us on the field and wear house colours to support your team. In the case of inclement weather or air pollution the event will move to the large sports gym in the SS which can be accessed via the stairs next to the main entrance and car park.

As this is the start of a long weekend in Thailand, you may sign your child out early after the event has taken place.

We look forward to seeing you all.

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