Last Week Review

Hello Families!

First, we would like to say THANK YOU for your support with bringing in reusable bags! We have enough for every student in G1, and we appreciate your support so much!

Last week we had an awesome time on our first House Sports Day of the year! We tried our best on all events and showed we are risk takers in Grade 1. We also had a very special guest in our room, Dr. Puk, who showed us the beginnings of Physical Computing! We hope to do physical computing and coding work with her each week!

This week, we are exploring number by using different materials to represent how many in a set of objects. We are using the concept of connection to think about numbers and gain familiarity in recognizing groups of objects and their amounts.

In language we are working on independent reading and strategies to help us learn new words. We use animals like Lips the Fish (get your mouth ready for the beginning sound) and Eagle Eyes (look at the pictures to help you figure out the word) to help us remember these tricky strategies. In writing we are working on using capital letters at the start of sentences, finger spaces between words, and punctuation at the end of our thoughts. We have been hard on the genre of “How To” writing with Ms. Helen, and our work has been amazing!

In addition, this week we will finalize our learning that took place during our field trip to the secondary school. In our small groups, we will give a presentation to the whole class about the important people we interviewed. We will be using our speaking and listening skills to express our learning to our classmates.


Please visit the book fair in the atrium this week! See the attached flyers for more details.

2_PS BookFair Poster (October2018) 1_PS BookFair (October2018)

We hope you have a happy week!

-Grade 1

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