Field Trip Summary

In our learning throughout this unit, we have been most interested in making connections between Grade 1 and the rest of the KIS community.

To do this, we went on mini field trips on the KIS campus in small groups and interviewed important people who impact our community. Those people are Ms. Sally, Ms. Linda, Mr. Big, Mr. Sassy and Mr. Sanan, Ms. Ja, Mr. Mike, Mr. Nantapon, and Ms. Nan. After our trip, we wrote down our information and created a poster. We then practiced presenting our poster and explained the ways that important people help us learn.

After we created our posters we presented them as a small group to all of Grade 1. Then, our Grade 10 buddies came to support us and watched us perform in the Audi Box! We were a bit nervous, but did an amazing job!

Here are the videos of our performance.

We are so proud of the presenting skills we have in Grade 1! Way to go everyone!

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