Last Week Review

We want to say thank you for all parents and families who were able to attend conferences last week! Thank you for spending your time with us! We hope our meetings were helpful and informative.

Last week we focused on the concept of connection. As our unit comes to a close, we are beginning to stretch our thinking to see how our community connects at KIS and beyond. To support this concept, we built a community with our previous homework buildings, building roads with blocks and LEGO to show how each building connects to others and how people can access them. We also worked on drawing connecting lines between people who work at KIS with information that we gathered from our mini field trips, wrote more wonderful “How- To” instructions, and practiced connecting numbers to drawings, groups of objects, and words. It was a busy and wonderful week!


This week we will continue to make connections as we reflect on our field trip and discuss different people and their role in KIS. Our goal is to help everyone understand that each person at KIS helps us learn. For language, we are continuing to work on independent reading and retelling stories using the words Beginning, Middle, and End. We are also continuing our work in maths and number, practicing our ability to show and write numbers in different ways.

We hope you have a wonderful week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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