Last Week Review

Hello Families!

We hope you had a wonderful weekend and are getting back into routines after October Break. Last week we had a busy and brilliant time in Grade 1! Having a field trip and a Halloween celebration in one week makes for an exciting time. In between events, we did a lot of learning and exploring. In language we worked on writing sentences with capital letters, spaces, and punctuation. In math we began our work on estimation as well as exploring and representing numbers 11-20.

Our field trip to More Than A Game Cafe was amazing! We were able to practice our speaking and listening skills, solve problems together, work as a team, and show our ability to be caring members of a community. We came back with a few new games to play in class as well!

Additionally, we have had support from Ms. June in our request for playground equipment specifically for the Lower School Playground. We are now responsible for using the toys correctly, collecting them at the end of play time, and making sure they are in the right place. Grade 1 is so excited to demonstrate our caring nature by sharing these toys with others and helping younger students use them correctly!

We would like to give a special thanks to the parents who have added their Mother Tongue language to the “How To” writing display in the Art Room! Currently we have English, Chinese, Korean and Thai represented. If you would like to add your language to the display, please stop by!


This week we begin our exploration into perspectives within a community. Our hope is to show that by listening and acknowledging another person’s perspective, we can create a peaceful community in Grade 1. In language we are continuing to work on letter/sound relationships, working on strategies to help us decode words we don’t know, and identifying the beginning, middle, and end of a story. In maths we are continuing our work with estimation, counting, and writing, identifying, and building numbers 11-20.


Have a happy week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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