Last Week Review

Hello Families!

Last week we did a ton of learning. While exploring the concept of perspective, we played an “I Spy” game to think about what others can see that we can’t. In connection with art and building a caring community, we explored skin tones of people from all over the world, working to identify and describe the beautiful colors that make up a community. We hope to create portraits this week to show all the colors of us, and how acknowledging and celebrating our differences bring us all together. We also worked to describe our opinion on the “best” room in Grade 1.

This week in language we are continuing to work on letter/sound relationships, working on strategies to help us decode words we don’t know, and identifying problem and solution within a story. In maths we are continuing our work with estimation, counting, and writing, identifying, and building numbers 11-20. Additionally, we are working on gathering data and organizing it in different ways using graphs, tallies and drawings.


Please see the attached flyer regarding Diwali Celebrations this Friday, November 16.

PS Diwali Celebrations 2018

We are also preparing for our next field trip. On November 21, Grade 1 will go to Magic Years International School to work with students and “Strive for Understanding”. Please see the attached flyer for more detail.

G1 Trip to Magic Years International School

Finally, in Grade 1 we believe there is no time too early to discuss screen time and internet safety. Please visit this website from Mr. Eric for more information.

Have a happy week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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