The Colors of Us

Hello Families!

 You may have noticed a painted portrait put on your child’s Seesaw account. These portraits are the product of weeks of our hard work! We have been exploring skin tones, paint mixing, vocabulary, and building community in Grade 1. This project has been inspired by Angelica Dass and her project, Humanae.

Please click this link to view her very powerful TED Talk!


We used photos from her project to compare, contrast, and discuss how people all over the world look. As a pre assessment for vocabulary and adjectives, we took a gallery walk to write down words we thought about the pictures we saw.

IMG_4652 IMG_4753 IMG_4746 IMG_4720 IMG_4705 IMG_4730

After that, we worked with a partner to create our skin tones, and began the process of doing our best drawing of our facial features to celebrate the way we look.

IMG_4864 IMG_4846 IMG_4843 IMG_4861

The last step was to read and work through the book The Colors of Us by Karen Katz. In this book we were exposed to different adjectives that can be used to describe the wonderful range of skin tones that can be found anywhere we look. We also worked through thinking of adjectives that are positive and uplifting, words that we can be proud of as we talk about ourselves.

The colors of us1     the colors of us 2


Using our new vocabulary, we created our own paint color names and put them on to our portraits. The ending product is one that is personal to us, and inspired by Angelica Dass’ powerful work. If you have seen your child’s work on Seesaw, please leave a compliment or a congratulations! These were hard work, and they turned out spectacularly! Here is a sneak peak of some of the portraits!

IMG_4990     IMG_4992

Please come to the art room to take a look at our work!

Kind regards,

The Grade 1 Team

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