Last Week Review

Hi Families!

We hope you had a happy weekend and were able to visit the Maker Faire!

Last week, we had so much fun exploring our new unit and noticing changes within the natural world. We went on a walk to notice living and non living things on the KIS campus, we observed as our tadpoles changed into frogs, we watched our caterpillar change into a butterfly (that Mr. Danny named “Dante”) and we released him on the playground, we practiced sorting data into diagrams, and we practiced our passions during Passion Time. There was even a day where three different students (Taiki, North, and Karol) lost a tooth, all within five minutes of one another! Things are definitely changing around Grade 1!

This week, we will continue our journey of learning about the natural world and its changes. We are beginning to track the pollution outside as a way to notice changes throughout the month and school year. We will use this data as we practice important maths skills like data handling and number. This week we will also continue to get to know the genre of non fiction- writing and reading different non fiction books as we get to know important features like table of contents, index, captions, diagrams, and glossary. We are continuing to develop passion in ourselves and others during passion time, exploring our personal interests and expanding our knowledge using independent learning skills.


Parents- please LABEL ALL UNIFORMS AND WATER BOTTLES. We have had problems with missing items as of late, and having your child’s name on all personal items helps us solve the problem and return those important missing pieces. PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING THAT COMES TO SCHOOL WITH A NAME. Thank you!

After school classes start this week! Please help your child to remember what classes they have on each day.

We hope you have a happy week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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