Last Week Review

Hello Grade 1 Families!

Last week we had a wonderful time exploring art. We noted our first thinking by drawing and discussing the questions, “What do artists look like? What do artists create? What do artists use to make art?”

Here is a look at our answers.

IMG_6731 IMG_6729

IMG_6733 IMG_6730

IMG_6732 IMG_6728

On Wednesday, we went a bit further and connected art to gymnastics with Mr. Vern, dance and drama with Mr. John, nature and painting with Ms. Helen, as well as writing and sound with Ms. Lindsay. We explored how our bodies can move to show how we feel, and how we can write down the sounds we hear from natural objects. We will continue to grow in our connections to art, nature and inspiration as the unit progresses.

This week, we will begin to explore shape and space in math. We will also continue to work with telling time to the hour and half hour, growing in our independence to manage ourselves and our daily routine. In writing, we will begin to explore descriptive language using nouns, verbs and adjectives. For reading, we will continue to explore story mapping and retelling with a beginning, middle and end.

Have a happy week! 

The Grade 1 Team

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