Last Week Review

Hello Parents and Families!

Last week we had a wonderful time celebrating Artigras, and finding the art in life around us. We made origami, learned a group dance, saw many different performances, and even had a special guest come to make art with us. We also we able to spend time with our buddies. We had a lot of fun last week!

This week we will continue our exploration of art and inspiration. We will begin to notice the steps that artist go through to create art, and how they navigate creating. We are connecting the artistic creation process to our writing as we begin to write personal narratives as well as short poetry. In math we are beginning to explore 2 shapes, using specific vocabulary (like corner and side) to support our descriptions of shapes and their qualities. We are also continuing to note how nature changes in observaable way, spending time with our classroom snails and small plants that Mr. Danny is growing in the art room.


Grade 1 is having a Coffee Meeting.

Date- Tuesday, April 2

Time- 8:00am- 9:20

Location- Grade 1 Learning Space

Purpose- To spend time exploring our unit concepts together, relaxing together with coffee and snacks, gain a deeper understanding of play based learning and how it impacts children at this age. We will be having a hands on meeting, putting ourselves in the learner’s shoes.

We hope to see you there!

G1 will be taking class and individual photos on Thursday, March 28. Please see the attached letter for more information.

KIS Annual School Photo 18-19

Have a happy week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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