Home Learning

Hello G1 Students and Families,


While the pipes are being fixed and the school is being made safe and dry, we have a few home learning activities that you can work on.


  • Comment on your home reading book on Seesaw. We will be commenting back to you throughout the day.


  • You can also comment on your friends work and posts on Seesaw. You can…
    • Tell what you like notice their work.
    • Ask a question.
    • Give a compliment.
  • Visit www.typing.com To access your child’s account, follow these steps:
  1. Click “student login” in the top right corner.
  2. Click “login”
  3. Enter their username, which is their first name followed by “kis”. (For example, lindsaykis would be Ms. Lindsay’s username.)
  4. Enter their password, which is kiskiskis
  • Login to xtramath for your daily math practice.
  • Complete your white homework boxes.
  • In your homework notebook, go on a shape hunt in your home. How many 2D and 3D shapes can you find? Draw and label them in your notebook.
  • If you have a printer, you can print out a 3D net shape.
    • Can you cut and glue it together? What shape is it? 
    • 3D shapes nets
  • You can also continue to practice and read your ORT leveled books. Here are some questions that you can think about and answer in your homework notebook or with a parent.
    • Can you retell the story with beginning, middle, and end? Who were the characters? What was the setting?
    • If you have a nonfiction book, what are some nonfiction text features you notice? What are three new things that you have learned?

We will continue to update the blog with home learning as needed, and please email us with any questions!

-The Grade 1 Team

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