Student Led Conferences

Hello Families!

In preparation for Student Led Conferences happening this Monday May 20, we would like to share a few questions that you can ask your child as they show you around our learning space as well as specialists. Use these to help guide the conference if needed!


What is this? How does it work? How many ____?
Why do you like this activity? What is your favorite activity? Why? What did you learn from this activity?
Which activity is difficult to do? Why? How did you show you are (learner profile attribute)? Learner profile attributes-

Caring, inquirer, thinker, balanced, principled, risk taker, communicator, open minded, reflective


Please remember that it is your child’s responsibility to show you around and tell you about their work. We’ve been practicing throughout the week, and they are well prepared. This is a wonderful time to practice complimenting and praising your child for their hard work. Here are some comments to help you celebrate your child.


I like the way you … The piece of work shows me that you can… I think it’s great that you…
I’m so proud of you because… I can tell you worked hard on … You’ve really done your best!
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