Week Commencing August 19

Dear G1 parents,

Week one we all made it! A huge thank you to all your support this week. 

We like to remind you that Weekly information will be shared via the Grade 1 Blog. The blog address is https://klearning.ict.kis.ac.th/kblog/g1/.

This week we worked on creating our class community focusing on;

  • Whole body listening
  • Collaboration – Team building games 
  • Worked on our Grade 1 Class Essential Agreements
  • Name game activities 
  • Read alouds 
  • Started our weekly reflections 

Essential Daily items:

  • refillable water bottle (labelled)

Personal Belongings:
This is a friendly reminder to make sure all items are clearly labeled with your child’s name. 

Students are dismissed from G1 at 2:30 pm

In order for this to work successfully and to avoid any confusion your child needs to be fully aware of their home time plan. 

Bus children:
From 2:30 – 2:45 pm children will wait in the Maths classroom before taking down stairs to the atrium where they will be collected and taken to their buses. 

After School Activities
These will start in a few weeks. From 2:30 – 2:45 pm children will wait in Science classroom where they will have the opportunity to get changed and a small snack before being taken downstairs to the atrium where they will be collected and taken to their after school activity.

School uniform:
Remember regular school uniform should be worn every day. 


G1A – Tuesday & Wednesdays

G1B – Tuesdays & Thursdays

G1C – Mondays, Wednesdays

Swimming: All classes on Fridays

Class Reps G1 Classes:


Pui (Ganta’s mum)


Jeane (Louise’s mum)


Tina (Lucas’ mum)

Raz Kids:
Raz is a wonderful reading resource that we will be using in G1. Please follow the login instructions for your child. Please not the logins have changed please make sure you login for your child’s class KISGIA, KISGIB or KISGIC.

Library Books:
In Grade 1 students can checkout two books each Wednesday and will need to  return them the following 

Class homework will be given on a Monday and handed in on FridayThis week students will be coming home with their Raz Kids logins and a copy of their homework for the week. (We are still awaiting homework books hopefully ready for next week.)

Birthday’s in G1:
Birthdays are very important to boys and girls and we want to celebrate appropriately and consistently! We will celebrate class students birthdays during second break  in the cafeteria. Cupcakes or doughnuts are ideal. Please be aware of allergies no nuts! If your child has other allergies e.g. dairy you can provide a snack for those special days. We will share a G1 monthly birthday list outside G1 entrance and a copy on the blog once it is ready.

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