September 9 – 13

Dot Day Sign Final (1)

Dear Grade 1 Parents,

House Challenge – this Friday, the 13th of September.

Students can wear their House shirts and PE shorts to school for the day.


Here are our Learning Engagements for this week:

UOI  – Natural Changes

This week the children have been drawing & writing down the different ways in which they have changed for example  noticeable physical changes like height to subtle changes like tastes in food.

Math – Data Handling

Through Daily Data  the children inquired into their class sizes. 

  1. Class A = 20 students
  2. Class B = 19 students
  3. Class C = 21 students

Last week the children started to use this data and represent it in different ways. 19 = 1 ten and 9 ones, some used tally charts and other manipulatives.

A mini assessment was carried out on writing numbers 0-10. We will share with you later this week on which numbers your child is working on. 


When using Seesaw this week we have  inquired into what makes a good post that shows a connection to our learning. For example focusing on making sure all students add a comment or caption detailing what their post is about.  When making comments on other work making sure it is connected to the learning.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us.

The G1 Team

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