September 16

Dot Day

Dot Day has arrived! We have some fun activities to celebrate in Grade 1 ….. The students look very dotty in their outfits and hopefully they will enjoy the day. One of the main ideas of The Dot by Peter Reynolds is about perseverance. Vashti does not believe she is good at something (painting), but she practices and eventually she becomes so good that her work is admired by others. We will be exploring with the students how this theme relates to their life as a Grade 1 student. As we support the students to develop resilience and perseverance, we will be using Dot Day to launch personal goals. The students will¬†identify and articulate these goals, with our guidance, as areas they will work to improve over the coming months.
Watch out for these goals to be published on See Saw.

Homework in a Short Week

Grade 1 homework in general has been completed to an impressively high level. Thank you for your support. This week homework is due on Wednesday because there is no school on Thursday or Friday. Please stick to the KIS requirement of completing only 20 minutes per night, maximum. If a lot of the homework is not completed this week, that is OK. We will reset it again for next week, which is a full school week.

Palindrome Week

According to the US way of recording the date, this is a special time! Find out more here.

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