Grade 1 Weekly Update! Week 7  23rd – 27th September  2019

Dear Grade 1 Parents,

Learning engagements this week.


In writing this week the children had to write in their journals about how they spent their four day weekend. Paying attention to details in relation to answering who, what ,where, when and why questions.


The tadpoles are beginning to change very quickly.  Last week the children observed the new developments and noted down the changes in their Unit books.


In maths children got to explore collecting data by formulating their own questions they wanted to find out. For example some  carried out a survey on questions like what is you favourite food/sport? Then they recorded their answers in tallies and discussed their results.

Unit Communities

Thank you for all the Nature and Community related artefacts that have been coming in. It has been a pleasure to see the children discuss their artefacts and understanding with the class. If your child hasn’t already done so please continue to bring them in. 

Last week each class got to look around the whole school to get a better understanding of who made up our  school community. This coming week the children will be coming up with a range of questions to find out how different people around school help us in our community.

Last Friday the children enjoyed the Grade 4 assembly. Well done to those children who received the first Quality Learning Behaviour awards from Grade 1. Anakin, Avani & Ella.

The Grade 1 Team

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