Grade 1 Week 8 Update!

G1 Learning engagements  30th September – 4th October 2019


This weeks journal entry was all about how do G1 Students take care of each other?

Writing focus to try and include as much detail as possible. Sentences should have the following;

  • Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence
  • Finger spaces between words
  • Full stops/periods at the end of sentences
  • Sentences make sense so others can easily read it.

Writing – focus writing good question

The children discussed what made a good question e.g. ones that you could have lots of different answers or ones that you could only answer yes or no to. 

Maths – Odds and Even numbers. 

The children explored what made a number an odd or even number. Through class discussions, mini lesson, using counters and Seesaw to try and  identify and explain the why and how?

Some of the vocabulary the children were using to describe and explain odd and even numbers: strange, having no partner, has a partner, by it self, sharing, equal, same, similar, different even numbers 0,2,4,6,8, odd 13579.

Data handling 

In data handling children needed to come up with a question that they could ask the class. They had to present their work in a table using tally marks to record. The children explained their work in Seesaw and transferred this information into a bar graph/block graph.


U.O.I – Changes 

This week we acquired some caterpillars. The children have enjoyed following their rapid changing developments this week.

U.O.I – Communities

Children have formulated questions to ask the various people around our school that help us to learn. Most have signed up to the person they are wanting to find out more about their role in KIS in helping them learn. 


Reading focus this week – choosing a good fit book

We read and discussed the book below making connections on how we can find a good fit book. 



Children enjoyed a mini lesson of  how to choose a good fit book . Using the following anchor charts they then took action in finding a good fit book.

Global Read Aloud

This week we read our first book from the 2019  Yuyi Morales Picture Book Study Dreamers. A mum and her son move to a new place where everything around them is different, strange and surprising. We learned how they become comfortable in their new home.

The children had to answer the following questions below.

Then the children had to ask themselves what Gifts/strengths

do they have to share with the world?

Use these links below to find out more about Yuyi Morales

The Grade 1 Team

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