Meeting Monk Joey

Tuesday 8th October Grade 1 were really lucky to have Monk Joey (Jett’s Dad) came and visited us and talk to us about being a Forest Monk.

Monk Joey – Gave us great suggestions on how to clear our minds, so bad thoughts or nightmares have a hard time coming entering our minds.

  • By taking 10 deep breaths
  • Sit still like a frog & try to meditate

General Information about Forest Monks.

  • They only eat one time a day and only the food that is given to them.
  • Monks can’t touch any money 
  • They carry Alms bowls – where people can give them food 

Monk Joey gave out some packages wrapped up in cloth and we had to guess what was inside them. Arthur guest right that it was wood inside the packages to make fire. He then handed out Jack fruit juice for us to smell which they use to dye their robes orange.

Question Time!

Why did you want to become a Monk? (Rainie)

Monk Joey explained how overwhelming and noisy it is with living in the modern world with  phones, tv, technology and traffic etc. That he found it really difficult to sit like a frog and be quiet and mediate (which you do a lot of that as a monk).  So being a Forest Monk he can have the time and space to be away from everything and connect with nature in peace and quiet.

Why can’t women be monks in Thailand? (Ana)  Monk Joey explained that a nun was the equivalent of Monk. There are female monks however in China, Japan and Sri Lanka.

 Why do Forest  monks live in the forest? (Louise)  They want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and connect with nature.

Does it matter what kind of food you give to a monk? (Mr John)  Monk Joey explains that sometimes they get all kinds of things given to them which all go in the alms. The problem with that is that everything gets mixed together so sometimes it doesn’t taste so good. He suggested that dry things such as boiled eggs, rice & bananas etc were better foods to give.

Why can’t girls touch monks? Monks make a promise to have no contact with the opposite sex.

After thanking Monk Joey for coming in today and speaking to us we were able to give him some milk.

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