Grade 1 Week 9 Update!

G1 Learning engagements  7th – 11th October 2019

Dear parents, Just to let you know we will not be sending home reading books or homework this week. Please continue to use Raz Kids at home.


In writing this week the children wrote in their journals about What are the different roles in the G1 Class.

They had to include as much detail as they can. 

Sentences needed:

  • Capital letters at the beginning of sentences
  • Finger Spaces between words
  • Full stops/periods at the end of sentences.


In reading this week the children were asked the following question below.

The children identified lots of ways and skills in which they read for example in their head, out aloud, reading the words/pictures, sounding the letters out, splitting and chunking words etc.

We read the following book There Is a Bird on Your Head! By Mo Willems. We payed close attention to the three ways of reading.

Link to three ways of reading:

Using their good Fit Book strategies the children practiced reading in different ways.

Maths – Odds and Even numbers. 

The children continued to carry out Daily Data, their own data surveys and completing the Odds and Even Seesaw activity.

U.O.I – Communities

As part of our inquiry into the KIS school community, we have been finding out about different community members’ roles and responsibilities. This week the G1 students had the opportunity to meet with various members of the KIS community to find out more about their roles and responsibilities at KIS.

The  main questions that the children asked are below. Many came up with their own questions too.

  • What is your role at KIS?
  • What are your responsibilities at KIS?
  • How would the community be affected if you did not fulfill your responsibilities?
  • Global Read Aloud

This week we read our second book from the 2019  Yuyi Morales Picture Book Study Just a Minute. We followed the story of how Grandma Beetle celebrated her birthday. The children had to think about Who do they celebrate with, what do they eat, what do they do? Many went on  to complete the following Seesaw activity.

Link: Just a Minute Read Aloud

Best wishes,

The Grade 1 Team


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