Grade 1 Weekly  Update, week 11.

Dear G1 Parents,  please checkout the G1 Learning engagements from 28th  October – 1st November 2019 below. It has been an eventful fun packed week.


The children had to write about what they did during the half term break. They had to include as much detail as possible.  Making sure their writing included Who?What?/Where?

Sentences needed:

  • Capital letters at the beginning of sentences
  • Finger Spaces between words
  • Full stops/periods at the end of sentences.


The children continued to carry out the following.

  • Daily Data
  • Creating their own data surveys 
  • Odds and Even activities
  • Halloween tallying and graphing activities  
  • Math assessment


  • Focus on retelling sequence of events
  • Making predictions
  • Raz kids
  • How to Teach your monster to read

Global Read ALoud

We read our fourth book from the 2019  Yuyi Morales Picture Book Study called Viva Frida by Yuyi Morales. The children enjoyed learning about Frida and her life. 

Tying in with our community unit of inquiry we looked at what was the role of Yuyi Morales in creating the book. 

During our library sessions this week the children were introduced to their class buddies from the US.  The children were excited to receive postcards from different schools from around the US. Using Padlet in the ICT lab the children had to introduce themselves by taking a photograph and typing their name. They also finished writing their postcards to their buddies.

U.O.I – Field Trip

The children were very excited to go to More than a Game Café on Wednesday and Thursday last week. The children have made fantastic growth in building a community where they can  express their opinions clearly, articulate feelings and emotions, negotiate agreements and reach fair resolutions.  

As we come to the end of our Communities Unit the children are in the process of completing a Y chart: What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does it sound like? In answering the following question – What happens in the community if everyone embraces their roles and responsibilities?

Friday we celebrated Halloween.  The children enjoyed the Halloween parade and dressing up in costumes. The lucky winners of G1 Best Costume went to Leia and Joe.  Later on we visited G5 who had worked incredibly hard creating lots of fun activities and games for EY1 – G4 students.


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