Grade 1 Weekly Update, Week 12

Dear G1 Parents,

Thank you for your support and patience last week, with us having to close G1 due to Influenza A.

For those of you who were able to attend the parent conferences last week. It was a great opportunity to meet with you and discuss your child’s progress with you. 

If would like to keep the same conference times for Thursday and Friday this week you can, or else if that does not suit you, please choose one of the other sessions on offer from the PDF attached in the email.

Please be sure to email your child’s class teacher your preferred time as soon as you can.

The G1 Learning engagements from 4th – 8th November 2019 below. 


In our new unit Sharing The PlanetChoices the writing genre will be procedural writing. This week the children had a go at using pictures and words to show the different steps in completing a simple task e.g. making a sandwich. It was a great opportunity to see what G1 already knew about procedural writing e.g. arrows, time connectives, boxes, numbers etc.

Students have started and will continue  to summarise the UOI in one sentence, given a sentence starter such as “If everyone fulfill their responsibilities at school, then ….”

Children started looking at goal setting. They thought about some things that they are good at and what they did to get better. They will continue to look at areas where they need to improve and come up with steps to achieve them.


  • Daily data
  • Odds and even number activities
  • Numicon to add and subtract numbers


  • Focus on retelling sequence of events
  • Making predictions
  • Comparing stories
  • Raz kids
  • How to Teach your monster to read

Global Read ALoud

We read our final selections for the 2019  Yuyi Morales Picture Book Study called The Little Night by Yuyi Morales and Grandfather Twilight by Barbara, Helen Berger. We will continue with this as we compare  the two stories using story mountains and venn diagrams.


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