Grade 1 Weekly Update

Dear G1 Parents,  

Thanks again to all of you who attended the G1 Parent Teacher Conferences last week. We appreciate your patience and flexibility with the changes last week.

The G1 Learning engagements from 11th – 15th November 2019 below.

Last Monday was the celebration of Loy Krathong, The Festival of Lights. During Thai and TAL the children got to make Krathongs which the children really enjoyed doing.

IMG_0071 (2)

UOI – Goal Setting

The children thought about some things that they are good at and identified what they did to improve. They will continue to look at areas where they need to improve and come up with steps to help them achieve their goals. Goals may connect to many different learning areas and support the students to reflect on their mental and emotional development. 

IMG_0007 IMG_0008


  • Daily data
  • Odds and even number activities
  • Numicon to add and subtract numbers
  • Putting mixed up  pieces of the 100 chart back together
  • Number bonds
  • Number formation


  • Final Global Read book Little Night
  • Identifying comparisons between the two books Little Night & Grandfather Twilight 
  • Children had to choose their favourite book from the Global Read Alouds they have listened to . They then had to write or record why they had chosen the particular books through a Seesaw activity
  • Raz kids
  • How to Teach your monster to read
  • Reading strategies Eagle eyes, Lips Fish
  • Introduced Read to Self 
  • Introduced Read to Someone 


This week the children started their first coding session. It was an invaluable learning experience for the children in understanding that it is ok to make mistakes and that we can learn from them.

Holiday Concert 

Before we know it the holiday concert will be upon us. Mr Chris has asked that leading up to the concert it would be really helpful if the G1 students could practice their class songs. 

G1 will be performing in the holiday concert at the end of this term. Costume details will be discussed a little closer to the event.

Holiday Concert Set List for G1

G1A: Raining Tacos

(Boys: Mexicans Girls: Tacos)

G1B: Witch doctor


G1C: Happiness (Ken Dodd)

(Smiley Face shirts)

Finale: Reach for the stars

KIS Song

Please go to the following link so you can practice at home as well.

Non-Uniform Day Friday November 22nd.

This Friday the KIS Primary and Secondary Student Councils are holding a whole school non-uniform day. This event is to support PAWS Bangkok who undertake very valuable work to care for injured and stray cats around Bangkok. Students are asked to donate 20 Baht to be part of this event, however if you wish to donate more please do as PAWS is in desperate need of funds at the moment.

Thank you,

The G1 Team


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