Grade 1 Weekly Update, Week Commencing Monday, November 25

Dear G1 Parents,

G1 Loy Krathong 2019

G1 Loy Krathong 2019

Friday 22nd November was non-uniform day at KIS. All the donations will go directly to PAWS. PAWS works tirelessly to provide support for injured and homeless cats. In the New Year PAWS will be visiting KIS to strengthen our ties and showcase their work. Grade 1 raised over Tbh1,500!

Library Books

This is the last week for students to borrow books from the school library. The following weeks is time given to make sure all the books have been returned to the library.

Ms Earth

The G1 Learning engagements from 18th – 22nd November 2019 below. 


Students compiled a list of things that we use on a daily basis, and what needs to be replaced in G1. They were then able to share ideas with a partner/class and record in words and pictures.


Students worked with a partner to count forwards and backwards from any starting point. Use hundreds chart for support and for peer assessment. Students will add their name to a “I can count forwards and backwards” once they have been peer and teacher assessed with 4 accurate answers in a row. (from any number)

Students are given one piece of a number chart jigsaw puzzle, place it on a mini whiteboard and add the rest of the numbers to 100, or at least the numbers around the puzzle piece. 

Practiced using ordinal numbers. Students drew bead chains and indicated the position of particular beads using ordinal numbers.

Students used Numicon/base tens to build a number. Then they drew the number in different ways e.g. pictures/tally marks, had to write the number in both number and words.

Children practiced counting in 2s/5s/10s  finding patterns


  • Raz kids
  • How to Teach your monster to read
  • Reading strategies Eagle eyes, Lips Fish
  • Read to Self 
  • Read to Someone 
  • Guided Reading sessions


Continued learning about procedural writing by examining a range of procedures and identified common elements of their structure. They followed instructions to complete simple tasks. They wrote sentences to support each illustration and step.


This week the children continued their coding sessions. This week they learned to simplify their codes using a repeat function button. 

Holiday Concert 

Mr Chris has asked that leading up to the concert it would be really helpful if the G1 students could practice their class songs. He has also posted costume ideas for each year group.

Holiday Concert Set List for G1

G1A: Raining Tacos

(Boys: Mexicans Girls: Tacos)

G1B: Witch doctor


G1C: Happiness (Ken Dodd)

(Smiley Face shirts)

Finale: Reach for the stars

KIS Song

Please go to the following link so you can practice at home as well.

The G1 Team

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