Grade 1 Weekly Update, Week Commencing Monday 2nd  December 

Dear G1 Parents,  

The G1 Learning engagements from 25th – 29th November 2019 below. 

Please remember that on Thursday 5th December school will be closed in remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday.

Please check out the flyer below if you are interested in going to see an International Free Puppet.


Last Friday’s non-uniform day was a great success, as a community we raised 23,000 Baht for PAWS Bangkok. 


  • Raz kids
  • How to Teach your monster to read
  • Reading strategies Eagle eyes, Lips Fish
  • Making words from SATPIN
  • Read to Self 
  • Read to Someone 
  • Guided Reading sessions


Continued learning about procedural writing.We looked at how time connectives can be used to order our steps/instructions such as first, then, next, after that, last and finally. They had a go at writing instructions using time connectives and illustrations.

In groups children were given different pictures. They then had to write what they Saw, thought and wondered about the pictures. Afterwards we discussed our responses.


This week the children continued their coding sessions. This week they learned to get/collect items using the new function button.


  • building numbers with Numicon & Base Tens
  • writing numbers in words
  • ordering numbers
  • completing pattern 2s, 5s and 10s
  • odd and even numbers
  • Daily data 
  • addition and subtraction 
  • mental maths

Holiday Concert

Mr Chris met with Parent Reps last week to clarify what costumes each class needs to wear for the concert.

Please go to the following link so you can practice the songs at home as well.

The G1 Team

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