Week #34 – May 11th – 15th 2020

Dear G1 Parents,

We hope you are all well rested after the weekend.

Hopefully you were able to pick up your child’s work books and pencil cases last Thursday and Friday. Just to clarify the books collected are the students books that we were using in the classroom before the lockdown. There is no new work to be collected. Work will continue to be posted on Seesaw. Parents now have the option to complete Seesaw activities offline and then photograph the work and add the photo to the seesaw post (in any of the books that were collected from school or on any other paper that you may already have at home). In fact, some parents took the initiative to have their child complete the tasks offline already, and post photos of the work on Seesaw.

Parents and students now have the option to do whichever suits them best:

  1. A) Complete the Seesaw activity online


  1. B) Complete the Seesaw activity offline and then add a photo of the work to Seesaw.

Zoom has been updating all its privacy settings so the specialists teachers have had to update their Zoom accounts. You should have received an updated Zoom Schedule from your class teacher. Please bear with us, as over the coming weeks I am sure there will be some more changes. Best to use the Google Doc that we provided as this will be the most accurate. 

Best wishes,

Grade 1 Team



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