e-Books Written By G1A

Hello G1A Families!

G1A has been hard at work in ICT, practicing their typing skills. We worked to create a book based on our last unit involving inspiration from nature. Using descriptive language, we created sentences describing landscapes and animals found. These books were created independently, from the sentences, formatting and pictures. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun!

Please click this link to see your child’s finished e-Book.

Once you’ve read yours, feel free to read the rest of the e-book library!

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. Lindsay

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Home Learning

Hello G1 Students and Families,


While the pipes are being fixed and the school is being made safe and dry, we have a few home learning activities that you can work on.


  • Comment on your home reading book on Seesaw. We will be commenting back to you throughout the day.


  • You can also comment on your friends work and posts on Seesaw. You can…
    • Tell what you like notice their work.
    • Ask a question.
    • Give a compliment.
  • Visit www.typing.com To access your child’s account, follow these steps:
  1. Click “student login” in the top right corner.
  2. Click “login”
  3. Enter their username, which is their first name followed by “kis”. (For example, lindsaykis would be Ms. Lindsay’s username.)
  4. Enter their password, which is kiskiskis
  • Login to xtramath for your daily math practice.
  • Complete your white homework boxes.
  • In your homework notebook, go on a shape hunt in your home. How many 2D and 3D shapes can you find? Draw and label them in your notebook.
  • If you have a printer, you can print out a 3D net shape.
    • Can you cut and glue it together? What shape is it? 
    • 3D shapes nets
  • You can also continue to practice and read your ORT leveled books. Here are some questions that you can think about and answer in your homework notebook or with a parent.
    • Can you retell the story with beginning, middle, and end? Who were the characters? What was the setting?
    • If you have a nonfiction book, what are some nonfiction text features you notice? What are three new things that you have learned?

We will continue to update the blog with home learning as needed, and please email us with any questions!

-The Grade 1 Team

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Last Week Review

Hello Families!

We had a wonderful time celebrating Book Week last week. Thank you for bringing in your favorite books to share and for spending time on thoughtful costumes. What a fun week!

This week we will begin to explore our new unit, Where We Are In Place And Time.

Our central idea is…

Architectural structures reflect purpose, history and available materials.

We are going to be focusing on different architectural terms, shape and space, uses for buildings, and changes over time.

More information to come!


No school Wednesday May 1st and Monday May 6th! 

Swimming Gala is this Friday, May 3rd! 

Please see the attached letter from the PE department for more information. Individual times and events are posted outside of the G1 Learning Space.

PS Swim Gala Letter 2019

A Note From KISPA…

Dear parents,

You are welcome to join our upcoming event, Communication workshop: “How to communicate to win kid’s heart”.

 Date: 30th April 2019

Time: 8:00-10:00am

Venue: AP Room, PS building

Fee: 200 baht (including snack & refreshment)

 This interactive workshop is run by certified trainer. Parents will be engaging in activities that enhance parenting skills. Book your seat today.

Best regards,



Have a happy week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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Book Week!

Hello Families!

We hope you have a happy Songkran break! Take time to relax, unwind, and PLAY!

When we come back, it will be a very exciting week at KIS.

We will be celebrating Book Week!

Please read the attached letter that explains in more detail what will happen that week.

If you have time, this break would be a wonderful time to create a character costume and take photos reading together.


See you after break!

-The Grade 1 Team

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 You Can’t Be That

I told them:

When I grow up

I’m not going to be a scientist

Or someone who reads the news on TV.

No, a million birds will fly through me.



They said,

You can’t be that. No, you can’t be that. 


I told them:

When I grow up

I’m not going to be an airline pilot,

A dancer, a lawyer or an MC.

No, huge whales will swim in me.



They said,

You can’t be that. No you can’t be that. 


I told them:

I’m not going to be a DJ,

A computer programmer, a musician or beautician.

No, streams will flow through me, I’ll be the home of eagles,

I’ll be full of nooks, crannies, valleys and fountains.



They said,

You can’t be that. No, you can’t be that.’


I asked them:

Just what do you think I am?

Just a child, they said,

And children always become 

At least one of the things

We want them to be.


They do not understand me.

I’ll be a stable if I want, smelling of fresh hay,

I’ll be a lost glade in which unicorns still play.

They do not realize I can fulfill any ambition.

They do not realize among them

Walks a magician.

-Brian Patten

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Coffee Meeting

Thank you all for coming to our coffee meeting! We had so much fun playing together. Here is the slideshow with links to videos and articles that we shared.

It was also so much fun to share with the students our Seesaw page that had your works of art and creations on it. They loved to see their parents play!

IMG_6985 IMG_6988

IMG_6985 IMG_6981

We are reviewing our See Think Wonder activity and will share questions and answers in a future blog.

Thank you again for supporting us! We are so thankful for a parent community full of inspiring and caring individuals.

-The Grade 1 Team


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In Case You Missed It…

Hello Parents and Families!

Ms. Lisa and Ms. Kirsten lead a wonderful workshop this morning on supporting reading at home. Please read through the attached information for tips and information on reading habits in the home!

Parent-Reading-Prompts_ver_1 blooms-taxonomy-questions-for-reading-cards-english_ver_2 Reading at Home

Have a great weekend!

-The Grade 1 Team

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Last Week Review

Hello Parents and Families!

Last week we had a wonderful time celebrating Artigras, and finding the art in life around us. We made origami, learned a group dance, saw many different performances, and even had a special guest come to make art with us. We also we able to spend time with our buddies. We had a lot of fun last week!

This week we will continue our exploration of art and inspiration. We will begin to notice the steps that artist go through to create art, and how they navigate creating. We are connecting the artistic creation process to our writing as we begin to write personal narratives as well as short poetry. In math we are beginning to explore 2 shapes, using specific vocabulary (like corner and side) to support our descriptions of shapes and their qualities. We are also continuing to note how nature changes in observaable way, spending time with our classroom snails and small plants that Mr. Danny is growing in the art room.


Grade 1 is having a Coffee Meeting.

Date- Tuesday, April 2

Time- 8:00am- 9:20

Location- Grade 1 Learning Space

Purpose- To spend time exploring our unit concepts together, relaxing together with coffee and snacks, gain a deeper understanding of play based learning and how it impacts children at this age. We will be having a hands on meeting, putting ourselves in the learner’s shoes.

We hope to see you there!

G1 will be taking class and individual photos on Thursday, March 28. Please see the attached letter for more information.

KIS Annual School Photo 18-19

Have a happy week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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Let’s Support KG as They Take Action!

WORLD WATER DAY 2019 Friday 22nd March (2)

KG is taking donations of bottled water for World Water Day!

If you bring a bottle of water to donate for the Mercy Centers- Klong Toey, you can wear free dress to school (in the color of blue) on Friday.

Bring your bottle or bottles on Friday and put them in marked boxes in the Atrium.

Thank you for your support!

-The G1 Team

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Last Week Review

Hello Grade 1 Families!

Last week we had a wonderful time exploring art. We noted our first thinking by drawing and discussing the questions, “What do artists look like? What do artists create? What do artists use to make art?”

Here is a look at our answers.

IMG_6731 IMG_6729

IMG_6733 IMG_6730

IMG_6732 IMG_6728

On Wednesday, we went a bit further and connected art to gymnastics with Mr. Vern, dance and drama with Mr. John, nature and painting with Ms. Helen, as well as writing and sound with Ms. Lindsay. We explored how our bodies can move to show how we feel, and how we can write down the sounds we hear from natural objects. We will continue to grow in our connections to art, nature and inspiration as the unit progresses.

This week, we will begin to explore shape and space in math. We will also continue to work with telling time to the hour and half hour, growing in our independence to manage ourselves and our daily routine. In writing, we will begin to explore descriptive language using nouns, verbs and adjectives. For reading, we will continue to explore story mapping and retelling with a beginning, middle and end.

Have a happy week! 

The Grade 1 Team

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