Last Week Review

We want to say thank you for all parents and families who were able to attend conferences last week! Thank you for spending your time with us! We hope our meetings were helpful and informative.

Last week we focused on the concept of connection. As our unit comes to a close, we are beginning to stretch our thinking to see how our community connects at KIS and beyond. To support this concept, we built a community with our previous homework buildings, building roads with blocks and LEGO to show how each building connects to others and how people can access them. We also worked on drawing connecting lines between people who work at KIS with information that we gathered from our mini field trips, wrote more wonderful “How- To” instructions, and practiced connecting numbers to drawings, groups of objects, and words. It was a busy and wonderful week!


This week we will continue to make connections as we reflect on our field trip and discuss different people and their role in KIS. Our goal is to help everyone understand that each person at KIS helps us learn. For language, we are continuing to work on independent reading and retelling stories using the words Beginning, Middle, and End. We are also continuing our work in maths and number, practicing our ability to show and write numbers in different ways.

We hope you have a wonderful week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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Field Trip Summary

In our learning throughout this unit, we have been most interested in making connections between Grade 1 and the rest of the KIS community.

To do this, we went on mini field trips on the KIS campus in small groups and interviewed important people who impact our community. Those people are Ms. Sally, Ms. Linda, Mr. Big, Mr. Sassy and Mr. Sanan, Ms. Ja, Mr. Mike, Mr. Nantapon, and Ms. Nan. After our trip, we wrote down our information and created a poster. We then practiced presenting our poster and explained the ways that important people help us learn.

After we created our posters we presented them as a small group to all of Grade 1. Then, our Grade 10 buddies came to support us and watched us perform in the Audi Box! We were a bit nervous, but did an amazing job!

Here are the videos of our performance.

We are so proud of the presenting skills we have in Grade 1! Way to go everyone!

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Last Week Review

Hello Families!

First, we would like to say THANK YOU for your support with bringing in reusable bags! We have enough for every student in G1, and we appreciate your support so much!

Last week we had an awesome time on our first House Sports Day of the year! We tried our best on all events and showed we are risk takers in Grade 1. We also had a very special guest in our room, Dr. Puk, who showed us the beginnings of Physical Computing! We hope to do physical computing and coding work with her each week!

This week, we are exploring number by using different materials to represent how many in a set of objects. We are using the concept of connection to think about numbers and gain familiarity in recognizing groups of objects and their amounts.

In language we are working on independent reading and strategies to help us learn new words. We use animals like Lips the Fish (get your mouth ready for the beginning sound) and Eagle Eyes (look at the pictures to help you figure out the word) to help us remember these tricky strategies. In writing we are working on using capital letters at the start of sentences, finger spaces between words, and punctuation at the end of our thoughts. We have been hard on the genre of “How To” writing with Ms. Helen, and our work has been amazing!

In addition, this week we will finalize our learning that took place during our field trip to the secondary school. In our small groups, we will give a presentation to the whole class about the important people we interviewed. We will be using our speaking and listening skills to express our learning to our classmates.


Please visit the book fair in the atrium this week! See the attached flyers for more details.

2_PS BookFair Poster (October2018) 1_PS BookFair (October2018)

We hope you have a happy week!

-Grade 1

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Can You Help?

Hi Families!

The Grade 1 Team utilizes a workshop model while teaching reading. During our reading instruction, students will have a “book bag” filled with 4-5 books of their choice from the classroom library to practice reading strategies with.

We have collected enough for one class set, but need a few more!

If you can donate a reusable bag with handles, the size of a grocery store bag, we would very much appreciate it! As these will last us the entire year, we ask that the bag is made of a material OTHER THAN PLASTIC.

Here are examples of a bag that would be suitable, but any other design or color would be perfect as well!

mini-recycled-reusable-grocery-bags-rb2 honest bee bag

Please do not go out and buy a new bag! We only ask that if you have a few spare lying around the house and would like to donate to Grade 1, send one in your child’s backpack. If not, please disregard this post!

Thank you for your help!

-The Grade 1 Team

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Last Week Review

Dear Parents and Families,

We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! Last week, Grade 1 was very busy learning about the people who contribute to making KIS a caring community. We went on mini field trips to various places on campus to meet and talk to people we don’t normally get to see during the school day, but who are vitally important to KIS.

We interviewed many different people with the hopes of understanding their role at KIS and how they influence our learning. This week we will discuss and share our answers with the whole class, making connections between people, jobs, learning, and our caring community


This week, we will continue to practice reading strategies such as asking questions while we read, make predictions, and choose books that are the right fit. In maths, we will be continuing our work with number bonds to ten, as well as recognizing place value of tens and ones.


Parent- teacher conferences are October 10-12.

Please see the schedule posted outside of the Grade 1 learning space to choose a time to come to school and discuss your child’s learning.

This Friday, October 5, is House Activity Day!

Mr. Vern and Mr. Ben have a ton of fun games ready to go for a friendly House Competition! Please wear house shirts and PE shorts.

Tosakan_2015 Naga_2015 Hanuman_2015 Erawan_2015

Have a happy week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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Last Week Review

Hello Grade 1 Families!

Last week, we had an awesome time meeting with our Grade 10 Buddies. We practiced writing and asking questions about their community. Some questions we had were “Why doesn’t your teacher walk you to class? Do you get to go to swimming? When do you have playtime?” This mini field trip was a great way to connect with our buddies and help us learn about our school community.

This week, we will take another “field trip” to the secondary school to interview members of our school community. In small groups, we will interview members and ask them questions like “What is your role at KIS? How do you help our learning? Who do you work with?” We hope that this supports our connections to the community as well as our lines of inquiry for this unit.

For language and literacy, this week we will continue to practice reading strategies like asking questions, prediction, and making connections. We will also continue to practice writing sentences with spaces between words, capital letters to start, and correct punctuation.

In math, we are continuing to work with numbers bonds to ten, skip counting by twos, fives, and tens, and exploring our Numicon math manipulatives.


You child will have an additional sheet glued into their homework notebook today. This is an optional math fluency practice that your child can choose to do at home. This is not required!

Parent conferences will be here before you know it! Please see the attached letter from SEA regarding times and organization.

PS_Parent-Teacher Conferences_Oct2018

Have a happy week!

-The Grade 1 Team

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Last Week Review

We hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

Last week, we enjoyed having you all in for our Coffee Meeting. It was so great getting to know each of you and collaborate as we discussed what is important for your child’s  learning.

IMG_0401 IMG_0400 IMG_0399 IMG_0398 IMG_0397 IMG_0396 IMG_0395 IMG_0394 IMG_0393 IMG_0392

This week we will begin our Reading Workshop as we work towards independence in reading to self. We will also begin working towards comprehension skills as we check for understanding in what we read by asking questions.

In maths, we will be continuing our work with number bonds and making ten combinations. Our new resources Numicon will be introduced and played with throughout the week.


Yellow homework notebooks are due on Friday.

We had a two week homework cycle due to our short week last week, and your child’s homework is due THIS FRIDAY. We ask that you print out photos of your community and bring them into school. We will use them as we discuss our place in our community.

Take home reading books in the colored, plastic, zipper pouches are due Friday. 

We will check in the books and exchange them the following Monday. Please remember to make a response on Seesaw for your child’s take home reading books.

Mondayhomework (yellow notebooks) and take home reading (colored zipper pouches) will come home in your child’s backpack.

Friday– homework (yellow notebooks) and take home reading (colored zipper pouches) will come back to school in your child’s backpack.

ThursdayLibrary books are exchanged. Library books do not come in a folder or pouch. They have a KIS bar code on the front or back, and have a tapped white rectangle on the front with your child’s name and date they are due.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Have a happy week!

-The G1 Team

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Coffee Meeting

 Hi Families!

Please note that our G1 Coffee Meeting is

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 11th at 8:00am

in the Grade 1 classrooms.

Thank you!

-The Grade 1 Team


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Homework Information

For this week (September 3-7), we are asking each student to make a model of a place in their community. Today, we worked together to decide important places in our community such as apartment/condominiums,  supermarket, hospital, schools, temples, parks, and many more! In your child’s yellow notebook, you will find a homework sheet with directions as well as the building that your child chose. This would be a wonderful project to work with the whole family on throughout the week.

Here are some examples to get our imaginations going!

IMG_0047 IMG_0046

Community Box Example 6 Community Box Example 5 Community Example 4 Community Box Example 2 Community Box Example

Happy building!

-The G1 Team

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Last Week Review

Hi Families! We hope you had a very relaxing and happy sunny weekend!

Last week, we had so much fun in Grade 1! We talked about our playground behavior, and made dramatic performances showing how to solve problems.

IMG_0750 (1) IMG_0355 IMG_0354 IMG_0353

Some topics the performance covered were playing with new friends, keeping our bodies to ourselves, keeping secrets, saying mean things, spying on/following people. We hope that these performances help our students understand healthy ways to make friends and play happily on the playground. In addition, we may share these performances with younger grades in the coming weeks!

Last week we also worked on choosing “good fit” books. We hope to work on choosing books that help us grow as readers by asking a few questions like…

Do I like it? 

This book is something that interests me!

Does it fit?

This book is not too hard and not too easy.

Does it help me? 

This book is right for what I want to do.

To help us visualize this goal, Ms. Lindsay brought in some shoes. Were they the right fit?

IMG_0256 IMG_0751 (1) IMG_0753 IMG_0752

Our biggest highlight from last week was meeting our reading buddies. This year we will be working with Grade 10 to promote a cross campus community. Our goals are to help younger students by exposing them to new experiences like listening to “big kids” read, explore the secondary school, combine math lessons, complete art projects,  and feel comfortable with our place in our KIS community. Our first meeting was a wonderful success!

IMG_0764 (1) IMG_0765 (1) IMG_0768 (1) IMG_0770 (1) IMG_0772 (1)IMG_0763 (1)    IMG_0761 (1) IMG_0771 (1)


Coffee Meeting for Grade 1 parents will be held

Tuesday September 11 at 8:00am

in the Grade 1 classrooms. We will be discussing our curriculum, learning goals, classroom setup, and many other topics. We hope to see you there and enjoy a cup of coffee with you!

Have a fantastic week!

-The G1 Team

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