KIS Book Fair next week 16th -18th October

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Meeting Monk Joey

Tuesday 8th October Grade 1 were really lucky to have Monk Joey (Jett’s Dad) came and visited us and talk to us about being a Forest Monk.

Monk Joey – Gave us great suggestions on how to clear our minds, so bad thoughts or nightmares have a hard time coming entering our minds.

  • By taking 10 deep breaths
  • Sit still like a frog & try to meditate

General Information about Forest Monks.

  • They only eat one time a day and only the food that is given to them.
  • Monks can’t touch any money 
  • They carry Alms bowls – where people can give them food 

Monk Joey gave out some packages wrapped up in cloth and we had to guess what was inside them. Arthur guest right that it was wood inside the packages to make fire. He then handed out Jack fruit juice for us to smell which they use to dye their robes orange.

Question Time!

Why did you want to become a Monk? (Rainie)

Monk Joey explained how overwhelming and noisy it is with living in the modern world with  phones, tv, technology and traffic etc. That he found it really difficult to sit like a frog and be quiet and mediate (which you do a lot of that as a monk).  So being a Forest Monk he can have the time and space to be away from everything and connect with nature in peace and quiet.

Why can’t women be monks in Thailand? (Ana)  Monk Joey explained that a nun was the equivalent of Monk. There are female monks however in China, Japan and Sri Lanka.

 Why do Forest  monks live in the forest? (Louise)  They want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and connect with nature.

Does it matter what kind of food you give to a monk? (Mr John)  Monk Joey explains that sometimes they get all kinds of things given to them which all go in the alms. The problem with that is that everything gets mixed together so sometimes it doesn’t taste so good. He suggested that dry things such as boiled eggs, rice & bananas etc were better foods to give.

Why can’t girls touch monks? Monks make a promise to have no contact with the opposite sex.

After thanking Monk Joey for coming in today and speaking to us we were able to give him some milk.

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Grade 1 Week 8 Update!

G1 Learning engagements  30th September – 4th October 2019


This weeks journal entry was all about how do G1 Students take care of each other?

Writing focus to try and include as much detail as possible. Sentences should have the following;

  • Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence
  • Finger spaces between words
  • Full stops/periods at the end of sentences
  • Sentences make sense so others can easily read it.

Writing – focus writing good question

The children discussed what made a good question e.g. ones that you could have lots of different answers or ones that you could only answer yes or no to. 

Maths – Odds and Even numbers. 

The children explored what made a number an odd or even number. Through class discussions, mini lesson, using counters and Seesaw to try and  identify and explain the why and how?

Some of the vocabulary the children were using to describe and explain odd and even numbers: strange, having no partner, has a partner, by it self, sharing, equal, same, similar, different even numbers 0,2,4,6,8, odd 13579.

Data handling 

In data handling children needed to come up with a question that they could ask the class. They had to present their work in a table using tally marks to record. The children explained their work in Seesaw and transferred this information into a bar graph/block graph.


U.O.I – Changes 

This week we acquired some caterpillars. The children have enjoyed following their rapid changing developments this week.

U.O.I – Communities

Children have formulated questions to ask the various people around our school that help us to learn. Most have signed up to the person they are wanting to find out more about their role in KIS in helping them learn. 


Reading focus this week – choosing a good fit book

We read and discussed the book below making connections on how we can find a good fit book. 



Children enjoyed a mini lesson of  how to choose a good fit book . Using the following anchor charts they then took action in finding a good fit book.

Global Read Aloud

This week we read our first book from the 2019  Yuyi Morales Picture Book Study Dreamers. A mum and her son move to a new place where everything around them is different, strange and surprising. We learned how they become comfortable in their new home.

The children had to answer the following questions below.

Then the children had to ask themselves what Gifts/strengths

do they have to share with the world?

Use these links below to find out more about Yuyi Morales

The Grade 1 Team

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Grade 1 Weekly Update! Week 7  23rd – 27th September  2019

Dear Grade 1 Parents,

Learning engagements this week.


In writing this week the children had to write in their journals about how they spent their four day weekend. Paying attention to details in relation to answering who, what ,where, when and why questions.


The tadpoles are beginning to change very quickly.  Last week the children observed the new developments and noted down the changes in their Unit books.


In maths children got to explore collecting data by formulating their own questions they wanted to find out. For example some  carried out a survey on questions like what is you favourite food/sport? Then they recorded their answers in tallies and discussed their results.

Unit Communities

Thank you for all the Nature and Community related artefacts that have been coming in. It has been a pleasure to see the children discuss their artefacts and understanding with the class. If your child hasn’t already done so please continue to bring them in. 

Last week each class got to look around the whole school to get a better understanding of who made up our  school community. This coming week the children will be coming up with a range of questions to find out how different people around school help us in our community.

Last Friday the children enjoyed the Grade 4 assembly. Well done to those children who received the first Quality Learning Behaviour awards from Grade 1. Anakin, Avani & Ella.

The Grade 1 Team

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Grade 1 Weekly Update! Week 6 16th – 18th September 2019

Dear Grade 1 Parents,

Monday, school wide we celebrated Dot Day which was a huge success. Every grade got truly into the Spirit of Dot Day, resulting in some excellent creative work and Action. We think the children gained a lot from the message of resilience and perseverance that was promoted throughout the day and the  book The Dot by Peter H Reynolds.

Checkout the Bottle-Top Peace Art floor mural that all grades 1-5 helped to create on the Atrium Floor. 

Bottle Top Mural

Throughout the week we read some other books by Peter H Reynolds.

Peter H Reynolds


This week we have continued tuning into our new unit and what community means. The children enjoyed listening and discussing the role and purpose of a true story of a community of people who come together to help a humpback whale back into the Atlantic Ocean. Checkout the link below.

Humphrey Whale

Humphrey the Lost Whale A True Story 

A gentle reminder that your child will need to wear their house t-shirts on Friday 27th September.


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September 16

Dot Day

Dot Day has arrived! We have some fun activities to celebrate in Grade 1 ….. The students look very dotty in their outfits and hopefully they will enjoy the day. One of the main ideas of The Dot by Peter Reynolds is about perseverance. Vashti does not believe she is good at something (painting), but she practices and eventually she becomes so good that her work is admired by others. We will be exploring with the students how this theme relates to their life as a Grade 1 student. As we support the students to develop resilience and perseverance, we will be using Dot Day to launch personal goals. The students will identify and articulate these goals, with our guidance, as areas they will work to improve over the coming months.
Watch out for these goals to be published on See Saw.

Homework in a Short Week

Grade 1 homework in general has been completed to an impressively high level. Thank you for your support. This week homework is due on Wednesday because there is no school on Thursday or Friday. Please stick to the KIS requirement of completing only 20 minutes per night, maximum. If a lot of the homework is not completed this week, that is OK. We will reset it again for next week, which is a full school week.

Palindrome Week

According to the US way of recording the date, this is a special time! Find out more here.

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Bracelet Sale tomorrow (Friday 13th)

Bracelet sale

Grade 3 students who have been working very hard to prepare bracelets to sell tomorrow at lunchtime. All the money raised will be supporting the World Wide Fund for Nature (in support of the Amazon Rainforest)
Many thanks 
G3 Teachers 🙂
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September 9 – 13

Dot Day Sign Final (1)

Dear Grade 1 Parents,

House Challenge – this Friday, the 13th of September.

Students can wear their House shirts and PE shorts to school for the day.


Here are our Learning Engagements for this week:

UOI  – Natural Changes

This week the children have been drawing & writing down the different ways in which they have changed for example  noticeable physical changes like height to subtle changes like tastes in food.

Math – Data Handling

Through Daily Data  the children inquired into their class sizes. 

  1. Class A = 20 students
  2. Class B = 19 students
  3. Class C = 21 students

Last week the children started to use this data and represent it in different ways. 19 = 1 ten and 9 ones, some used tally charts and other manipulatives.

A mini assessment was carried out on writing numbers 0-10. We will share with you later this week on which numbers your child is working on. 


When using Seesaw this week we have  inquired into what makes a good post that shows a connection to our learning. For example focusing on making sure all students add a comment or caption detailing what their post is about.  When making comments on other work making sure it is connected to the learning.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us.

The G1 Team

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Grade 1 Coffee Meeting Slideshow 03.09.19

G1 BTS Meeting

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Week 4 26th  – 30th August Update

Dear G1 Parents,

Please take a look G1 Essential Agreement and discuss with your child about what it means to be a member of a safe and caring community, and what our essential agreements are.


Learning Engagements for this week:


Finding out about nature What do we know? What is it?

Observing the life journey of our tadpoles in Grade 1.

G1 Tadpoles


Collecting data on ourselves and how we will change over the year by measuring our height and length of foot. (We will collect this data four times throughout the year.)

Daily data

Daily Data


Learning how to choose books that they enjoy reading. This week each student has been given two reading books along with their homework books. (All to be returned on Friday)

ICT – We are continuing with using Seesaw. This week G1 got to go into the computer suite and learn the basics of using the computers.  

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us.

G1 Team


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