Monday, November 26, 2018

Last week, we finished up creating our food webs which we worked on collaboratively with 2-3 other students. At the end of the week we began finding out about the factors that affect natural systems and the choices humans make which can affect our world.  G2 students looked at different images and shared their ideas about what was causing these things to happen and what they believed the possible effects could be.


In G2, we like to spend as much time reading as we possibly can. Developing a love for books and reading can have an immeasurable impact on our lives. Besides our reading stations and our daily DEAR time, we often try to read with our students as much as possible. Here is Mr. Karl sharing his love for reading with 2C.


On Thursday, the students celebrated Loy Kratong in their Thai classes. Many students chose to come to school wearing traditional clothing, and I think everyone appreciated how amazing they all looked.


On Friday, Dr. Puk set up a robotics room for the students to explore and experiment with. The majority of G2 students chose to use their passion time on Friday to learn more about robotics.

This Friday, November 30, is the last day that students can check out library books for the holiday. Please make sure your child brings back their books on that day so they’ll have two new ones they can read during the holiday break.

Learning Engagements

This week’s learning engagements include:

UOI – Finding Out – Choices people make that affect natural systems

Language Arts – Persuasive writing/speaking, guided reading

Math – Data handling, surveys, addition strategies


Upcoming dates

Friday, November 30 –  House Spirit Assembly (Wear House T-shirts)

Wednesday, December 5 – In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s

Birthday (school closed)

Monday, December 10 – Constitution Day/ Professional
Development Day (school closed)

Thursday, December 11 – G2 Class Party – 12:15 – 2:30

Friday, December 14 – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert


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