Monday, February, 4, 2019

Welcome back!  Last week was a bit different, but we wanted say how much we appreciated so many students taking the time on Thursday and Friday to try their home-learning assignment. The teachers really enjoyed interacting with the students online and we were impressed with the quality of work that came in.

We spent a couple of days last week getting ready for our 3-way conferences. This ties in really well with our first UOI – Who We Are – and so it’s been very productive for the students to take this time to reflect on their progress and to set personal goals and action plans for the rest of this term.

The students continued to learn about different kinds of scientists, and here are a couple of different groups of students acting as paleontologists during their break times.

This week, we will continue to focus on Who We Are as we do our 3-way conferences, while the students will sort out what they’ve been learning in regards to States of Matter.

Learning Engagements

This week’s learning engagements include:

UOI – Finding Out – How the states of matter change

Language Arts – Procedural Writing; Poetry

Math – Measuring


Upcoming dates

February 4-8 – 3-way conferences

Thursday, February 7 – Chinese NY celebrations, Lion dance performance for all  students to watch. Students can wear Traditional Chinese Costume or red on this day too.

Wednesday, February 13 – Primary School Sports Day

February 14- 15 –  February Break – No School Day!

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