Monday, March 11, 2019

Last week we began our new unit – How We Express Ourselves. Before we even began our Tuning In, some of our risk-taking students had put together a dance during their free time and performed it for our class. They were really amazing!



For our Tuning In provocation for our new unit, we had 4 stations set up where the students could choose how they wanted to express themselves. The four stations were painting, music, writing, and acting (miming). Some students chose to spend their entire time painting a picture or creating a piece of music, while other students showed interest in all four stations and took the opportunity to express themselves using multiple mediums.



Learning Engagements

This week’s learning engagements include:

UOI – Finding Out– How We Express Ourselves

Language Arts – Story-writing elements; Playscripts

Math – Telling time; Addition strategies


Upcoming dates

March 18-22 – ArtiGras!

March 19 – Battle of the Bands

March 25-29 – School Photos

April 1 – April Fool’s Costume Day

April 8 – 19 –  Spring Break

April 22 – Earth Day

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