Wednesday, November 6

Last week was an exciting week in Grade 2.

For our second UOI, we created biomes in groups and displayed them on the wall outside of our classroom.

As a provocation for our next unit, Sharing the Planet, we demonstrated how these biomes and being destroyed by human actions. The students were quite shocked at first, but at the end of the provocation when we asked for questions about what they had seen, we ended up with a list of over 40 questions for each day/biome, with the students wondering how desertification happens, or why we are willing to cut down all of the trees, or what will happen if all of the coral die.

In Math, the students began to collect data on their own and created their own bar graphs. They’re still learning about how to correctly label everything correctly so that anyone can understand the data they’ve collected, but we are all making progress.

In Writing, the students are learning about how to develop reasons in order to support their opinions for the persuasive writing that we will be doing this unit.

In Reading, the students are learning how to read non-fiction texts and how to skim and scan for important facts.

Learning Engagements for this week:

UOI –Tuning into food chains and food webs.

Math: Addition skills;  Collecting data and bar graphs.

Writing: Persuasive writing.

Reading: Skimming and scanning non-fiction texts.


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