Grade 2 Cares – making bath salts

During our inquiry “Living Planet” we have been looking at the human impact on our biomes. We watched a video on the plastic in the ocean that is destroying our coral reef. Part of that plastic is micro beads that are in cleaning products and skin care. Tara (G2A) decided that we should make our own soaps without the¬†micro beads and sell to parents. The money raised could then be used to help our environment, animals or people in need.

So we need your help. During passion time next week we will be making our own bath salts using natural ingredients. We will use recycled glass jars and then sell after school the following week.

We need any small glass jars with lids that could be used to hold bath salts and any flowers that could be dried to add. Send them to school before Friday 29th November. If you would like to come and help Tara’s cause, please¬†email

We love it when students want to take action!

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