Monday, November 25, 2019

Last week, the students worked in groups as they went further to try and expand their thinking about our second line of inquiry, Human Impact on Nature.

Working together, the researched about how humans are negatively impacting on environment. Deforestation is happening due to the need for grazing land, and/or wood to make things. Coral reefs are being destroyed due to the oceans warming and pollution. Desertification is spreading into the savannas due to overgrazing and global warming. And animals are being poached and pushed towards extinction for a number of reasons.

However, this week, we will begin tuning into our thgir line of inquiry – Human Responsibility to Nature, where we look into what people are doing – and what WE can do – in order to help make this world a better place. It will be a more positive and uplifting message than last week’s where we saw all of the damage that we were causing.

As always, as we continue inquiring into our new unit, you can visit this page to find out more about our learning outcomes and to see how we create transdisciplinary integration.

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