March 23, 2020 – Week 2 of Home Learning

Dear G2 Parents,

First of all, we want to thank all of you for your hard work this past week. We understand how difficult it is to have your children home all day and all week, and that we really appreciate everything that you are doing to try and keep them on task.

For us, home learning seems to be progressing pretty well. Almost all of the students have engaged with us through Google classrooms and Seesaw, and the students seem to be trying to do most of the assignments.

That’s the important thing that we want you to understand – the students do not have to do everything! 

It would be great if they could, but we know that they’re busy and it’s hard to keep them focused for so long, and that some things may require more of an explanation than we have provided.

It’s okay. Don’t stress about it. Below is a schedule of the work that we will be doing this week. But to put it simply –

0) Students should check in on Google Classroom at least once a day to see what’s happening and maybe leave comments and interact with their classmates/teacher, and see what the assignments are.

1) The students should try to finish writing their story and share it on Seesaw.

2) The students need to spend 20 minutes a day or so working on their addition or subtraction. They can do it through the activities that we provide, or by doing other activities that you may have found.

3) They should spend at least 30 minutes a day reading in English. Whether it’s RAZ kids, Readworks, or just reading an English book that they like, it’s important that they continue to improve at reading.

4) For our UOI, we are focusing on staying healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually, so we are asking the students to some zenden yoga, or make a healthy food at home, or exercise. If you have time, try to encourage them to get out and play and be active.


March 23 schedule


We will try to share links in a couple of days to websites and apps that are offering free activities/stuff for the children to be doing.


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