March 23, 2020 – Week 3 of Home Learning

Another week of home learning is finished!

We want to say thank you to the students (and parents) for doing such amazing work. We were really impressed by all of the videos that the students sent us of them cooking and doing chores at home. Most of the students also finished their stories and drew covers for them and shared them with us.

The Padlet for the word problems turned out much better than we had hoped.

Overall, I think we are all still trying to find the perfect balance of the right amount (and types) of work to do each day and each week, and we really appreciate the effort that everyone is showing.

Here are some fun links to browse, courtesy of Ms. Ronyii from G1.

Live Cams
If you click on this link you can watch live footage from around the world of different animals it’s amazing!!! Ms Ronyii is addicted to watching the gorillas!
Math Website
Distance Learning with Zearn Math
Reading Websites have just opened up huge swathes of their library for free. There are all sorts of things on the site and there is no pay wall and one doesn’t have to put in any credit card details.
The address is as follows:


Virtual Field Trips

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