Welcome back to week 2 of our third term!

Please see last week’s blog about more information about daily/weekly Zoom calls and times with homeroom teachers.

This is a copy of the essential agreements that our students came up with using this Padlet, and then decided on which ones they thought were the most important.


As Miss Lisa mentioned in the parent email, we were quite impressed with the quality of work that the students turned in last week. And today, it continued with many students submitting 10 different photos of items they had measured in their homes.

This week, we are beginning our new unit, States of Matter. We will be asking the students what they know about science, introduce them to the scientific process, and then we will have them observe experiments at the end of this week.

We will be doing a few experiments this unit. Ideally, the students will do them at home with an adult. But if that is not possible, their homeroom teacher will post a video of them doing the experiment so that all students can participate in the thinking aspect.


For math this term, our UOI-focused math is on measurement, and so students will need to have a ruler, or (even better) a tape measure at home.

Math Link for Extra Work –

Measurement – 

Khan Academy – Measurement
Measurement worksheets
Measurement Games Online

Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division practice
Addition Subtraction Games

All-around math –

Math Prodigy



Experiments you can do at home –  link

(We will be doing these quite a bit in a couple of weeks, so if you want to get started, it could be a fun way of preparing and getting a head start)


As always, you can click here to find our more about what we are doing for this week – Weekly Schedule.

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