First of all, we appreciate your patience from last week regarding the Zoom calls. We have checked all of the links for this week and they are all working. The schedule is much more logical and hopefully we won’t have any problems. The new schedule was sent out in the weekly parent email.

Weekly Zooms (1)

This week we are going to start digging deeper into our next unit. It’s a science unit and so students will have the chance to do experiments at home – hopefully with guidance from an adult. Some of the experiments on molecules will involve hot water and food coloring.

However, it is not a requirement and we will post a video of one of the teachers doing the experiment each afternoon. This way the students can still watch and learn about what we are focusing on for that day.

For this week, the students will need some items for their Thursday/Friday Math Tasks.

Thursday, we are asking them to create a balancing scale at home. Here are 2 examples that Mr. Marc made – Click here.  I apologize for my hushed tone of voice, but the baby just went down for a nap.  🙂

You can use anything to make a balancing scale. I used string and a hanger and string and chopsticks.

For Friday, you will need TWO BALLOONS, some SCOTCH TAPE, and a NEEDLE.

Basically, blow up each balloon with air. Put tape on the side of one of them. Balance them on the scale. And then poke a hole in the tape. Air should slowly come out and the balloon will drop.

Please email any of the teachers if you ever have any questions or advice.

As always, you can click here to find our more about what we are doing for this week – Weekly Schedule.

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