May 11

Last week we had one of our most productive weeks ever for home learning. So many of our students had 100% completion rate for their tasks, and the quality of the work that they are submitting is continuing to impress us.

Last week we did the balloon experiment to mixed results. On Tuesday, we will reflect upon what may have gone wrong and use that to help plan our next experiment.


Students will need to melt ice cubes in a pot or pan and observe as it changes from a solid to a liquid to a gas. We will recommend that they do it with an adult.

Materials needed – A few ice cubes;  a pot/pan;  a stovetop;  and maybe a timer to record how long things take.

Here is this week’s Zoom’s calls. They all have a password now- KIS     .   It must be all capital letters.

Monday morning class zooms are cancelled as the teachers need to go into the school then and pack up our students’ stuff.

Parents can come to the school on Tuesday and Wednesday from 830-3pm to pick up the packets we are making for the students and their portfolios.

G2 Zoom Schedule – May 11-15 – May 11

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