Homework for the week of February 8-12, 2021.


Mr. Jordan’s friend finds subtraction difficult. He tried his best to answer the problem 31-17, but he made a mistake. Look at the picture below to see how he tried to answer the question.

Can you see where he went wrong?? Make a video, or explain in writing, what Mr. Jordan’s friend did wrong when trying to answer the problem. Then show him how to answer the problem correctly using your favourite subtraction method. Thanks!

Literacy – Read for 15-20 minutes OFFLINE in a book.

UOI – For this week’s homework please write a journal entry that talks about the most important things that you think people need to do to make sure that they have a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Try your best to include advice about both physical and mental health and balance.

Please write this journal entry in your YELLOW HOMEWORK NOTEBOOK. If you like you can also draw pictures as examples. 🙂

You can start your journal entry like this: ‘Dear Journal, Today I would like to talk to you about the important things you need to do to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. ……’