Our Current UOI

Last week we had our provocation where our courageous children were blindfolded and exposed to very different environments. They had to use their senses to discern exactly what sort of environment it was. There were new sounds, smells and tactile things to touch.

This week we will be unpacking the UOI and tuning-in to the notion of maps, location, where we are and the reasons for people being in certain locations and the adaptations they have to make in order to utilize their environments.

We welcome you to share any arterfacts such as maps, clothing, postcards or other things that can help the children tune-in to the fact that the world has so many different types of environments.

Remember that Thursday and Friday are holidays for the children. Because of the short week we are not setting any formal homework, however we would encourage children to read every single night and to visit both IXL and Reading A-Z to build up their math and reading understandings.