Monday, November 5, 2018

Our new unit, Human Choices Affect Natural Systems which comes under the transdisciplinary theme, Sharing the Planet, began last week. We started off with a provocation whereby students had to explore the playground and the surrounding areas in order to find and draw things from the natural world. Many of the students were quite excited about some of the things that they found when they used their magnifying glasses to examine everyday object in nature that they were used to seeing  (plants, flowers, spiders, etc).  After this, students reflected on the task.

In this unit we will be inquiring into:

  • Natural systems (function)
  • Factors affecting natural systems (causation)
  • Choices people make (change)

Last Friday we celebrated Halloween as a community. We started with a school-wide costume parade in the early morning, and then spent the rest of the day visiting the Halloween games event that the fifth graders did an excellent job of putting on. In the afternoon, there was a bake sale to raise money for breast cancer awareness, and one of our very own second graders – Mildy – made soap at home and set up her own booth to sell the soap in order to help raise money.

In writing during this UOI, we will begin to learn how to organize our reasons and support them in order to write persuasively. This is a huge step for the students as they will need to spend quite a bit of time preparing before they actually write, and then thinking more deeply about their opinions in order to support them.

In math, we will be focusing on data handling. This includes creating surveys and recording the results using pictographs, bar graphs, etc.

In reading, we will continue to focus on both fiction and non-fiction readings, and the students will begin to use skills to break down questions in order to use the key words to find the answers in the reading passages. We will also be reading quite a bit about nature, especially animals, and this would be a great chance for parents to share any interests they may have in the natural world with their child.


Learning Engagements

This week’s learning engagements include:

UOI – Tuning in –  Natural Systems – What are habitats and who lives in them?

Language Arts – Persuasive writing/speaking, guided reading

Math – Data handling, surveys, pictographs


Upcoming dates

Tuesday, November 6 – Field Trip to Metro Forest

Wednesday, November 7 – So You Think You Can Dance competition

Wednesday, December 5 – In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s
Birthday (school closed)

Monday, December 10 – Constitution Day/ Professional
Development Day (school closed)

Friday, December 14 – End of Term 1/ PS Holiday Concert

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Monday 29th October 2018


Good morning everyone! It’s great to be back and we are hoping you all had a wonderful break. If you took some photos during the holidays please send them in to your teacher. You can then share your adventures with your classmates during morning news sessions and in our recount writing.


We will also be unpacking our new UOI this week which looks more closely at the ways in which humans impact the environment in both positive and negative ways.


Reminder, this Friday is the school’s Halloween Celebration. Children are encouraged to come in wearing their spookiest costumes.

Have a wonderful week and remember to login for updates and information.


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No Homework This Week!

download (1)

There is no homework this week as it is a short week. However, we do recommend that your child is reading every day for at least 15 minutes. This was a consistent message given last week during the parent teacher conferences and something we hope becomes a habit with your child.


Not only does reading help your child comprehending written material, it also helps your child develop their verbal and written skills. Additionally, reading helps your child to articulate their thoughts through improving their vocabulary.



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Tuesday October 16th – Friday 19th


The cold facts!

We have been very lucky with only a few children absent over the past two weeks with the flu. We are reminding children to wash their hands before eating and to cover their mouths when coughing. We also appreciate those children coming to school with masks so they do not spread the flu.

download (1)

If your child is sick or beginning to show signs of the flu do not panic about missed lessons, it is better that they remain home and recover and come back to school 100%. We can always make time to cover any missed work.

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Monday October 8th – Friday October 12th

One of the highlights last week was Grade 2Bs being ‘big buddies’ to the EY1 children. This gave them a chance to be role models and leaders as they organised games to play with their little friends.

Screenshot at 2018-10-08 12-24-28

Screenshot at 2018-10-08 12-24-39

The children also completed a ‘See Think Wonder’ activity in which they made connections between what they saw in the pictures of different types of houses and the possible land-forms they would be suitable for. They then added in their thoughts about why it would suit a particular land-form and then posed questions for further research.

Screenshot at 2018-10-08 12-26-55

Screenshot at 2018-10-08 12-27-18

This week at a glance.


Upcoming events:

Parent Teacher conference are on this week. Be sure to check your appointment times that are posed on the classroom door. The conferences will take place in the Maker Space so as not to interrupt classes.

Monday October 15th Holiday

Remember that this coming Monday is a National Holiday. If you happen to be travelling out of Bangkok you could ask your children to take some photos of some of the different land-forms that they see as well as any connection they can make between local food and the local environment. For example, fish restaurant on the beach.


This week the children will be following the second line of inquiry in our UOI; “Human use of location and resources”. Within this research they will be examining the differences between needs and wants as well mas making connections between location and resources and how these fulfill our needs.



The children will be continuing to consolidate their knowledge and skills in descriptive writing and applying this to the UOI.


The children are going to be continuing to develop their skills at determining the main idea of texts and the supporting details. This will be done through re-tells with and developing comprehension questions for their ‘buddies’


The children will be continuing their investigation into number looking at number bonds, ways to make 10, doubling, fact families and applying these in real-world situations where the children carry out calculations.

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UOI 2 Going Further

In Math the children are completing their maps and exploring the attributes of Numicon.

In Writing the children are working on their descriptive writing and linking this to the UOI by describing landforms.

In Reading the children are working on their Raz Kids, reading UOI related texts and making summaries to share with their peers and exploring suffixes in word work.

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Researching Where we are in time and place.

The children are using a variety of tools to identify the continents and then locate where significant land-forms occur.  Once they have discovered where they are, they represent these land-forms using symbols such as shapes or colours. In addition to this, the children are developing keys to explains the symbols they have chosen to represent the land-forms.


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Monday September 24th

Last week in math, we were learning how to use coordinates to find location on maps and grids. The students are now in the process of creating their own treasure maps, and then writing a page of instructions using directions (north, south, east, and west) and coordinate points so that their classmates can try to discover where their hidden treasure is.



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Subject Rotations

The grade 2 teachers work together to plan and prepare a variety of learning engagements. These include reading, writing and numeracy activities that challenge and extend the children’s understandings of concepts and how to apply these in real-world situations.



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Week 5 Going Further

Learning Engagements

This week’s learning engagements include:

UOI- The children are completing their 321 tasks about their chosen landform. In this they identify

3 BIG ideas,

pose 2 questions and

make 1 connection.

Once they complete this they can share their findings with their classmates which helps create deeper and more meaningful understandings around the concept of ‘What is a landform?’. This will then lead to the children engaging in more complete research on a landform of their choice.

Literacy –


  • This week the children are continuing to develop their descriptive writing skills.


  • Word work and looking at suffixes.
  • Reading re-tells to a partner; summary, synopsis and focussed descriptions.
  • Guided Reading with a focus on non-fiction texts.


  • Reading and understanding coordinates on a map.
  • Cardinal directions.
  • Ordinal directions.
  • Plotting coordinates.
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