Exploring Earth

Our changing Earth


As ‘Our Changing Earth’ unit continues, the children are engaging in a whole range of different activities to explore and investigate what our planet looks like under our feet and how the continually moving forces within affect our landscapes. The children have explored through different tools of augmented reality including the sand tray. The children loved creating different landscapes and seeing how the different types of rocks affect the structure.


In mathematics this week, the children have been learning about different units of measure for length; m, cm, mm & km. We started by investigating and comparing the length of different objects around the classroom and thought about which unit of measure would be most appropriate to use depending on it’s size. For example, measuring the height of a door using millimeters would be pretty difficult but much easier with in meters.


Our language at the moment is looking into the purpose and features of the non-fiction text ‘Explanation writing’. The children have been exploring different examples of explanation text and identifying the key features including; title, headings, paragraphs, diagram, labels, captions, photographs, key words and a glossary.

The children are working really hard to begin to use some of these features in their own writing and we are looking forward to seeing how they will apply these new skills to their UOI linked writing.


Homework will be sent home today and as always the electronic copy can be found on the link to the side. Please encourage your children to complete a minimum of 2 extra pieces alongside the compulsory highlighted boxes. Also, please encourage your child to reflect on their learning in the box provided.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,
Grade 3 Team.

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