National Science Museum

Last week, Grade 3 had their first field trip to the National Science Museum, Bangkok. We are well into our unit of How the World Works exploring ‘Earth continuously changes due to natural forces which affects our communities’. In the science museum, the children were able to have a hands on experience of many different scientific experiments and investigations linked to our central idea. A highlight for many of the children was to experience what an earthquake may feel like and also taking a trip into space in the ‘Space Dome’. The children had a fantastic day exploring the museum and had lots of report on the following day.

As we head into a new week, the children will begin working on their independent inquiry into an example of natural change that occurs and how it has an affect on a community. Keeping in mind the form(what is it?), causation(why does it happen) and change (what change does it cause).

This week’s homework can now be found in the link to the right and will be sent home in books at the end of the day.


We will be keeping you updated with any festivities happening in school so please watch this space and if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Ms. Jen, Mr. Matt & Ms. Tik

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