New Year’s Resolutions


To kick start the New Year, last week, Grade 3 took some time to reflect on our learning journey so far. It was interesting to reflect on our goals from the beginning of the year and begin setting new goals to work towards. We also thought about New Year’s Resolutions, a tradition which gets us thinking about what habits we might want to try and change to improve our mindset and well-being. As the children complete their Goals, they will be uploaded onto SeeSaw, so please look out for them.

The children were thrilled to be back with their classmates working on goal setting as we checked back into our year long unit – Who We Are.

Looking ahead

A new week, brings a new unit of inquiry:
Central idea: Sustainable resource use protects the environment.

An action packed unit, that we are really excited to start tuning in to. We have asked the children to begin collecting dry, empty waste materials and packaging for our first introduction to the unit. We do ask that if you are kindly donating food packaging that has been used, please ensure it has been washed beforehand.

Homework is now available on the linked web page and as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,
Ms. Jen, Mr Matt & Ms Tik.

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